Leaders’ Quest grows wise leaders for a regenerative future.

Our practice of change

We picture a future where everybody can thrive within the means of the planet — an economy designed to grow nature and society. But we know shifting from today’s familiar system can feel daunting.


How do leaders learn? By meeting people who are on their own journeys. Stand in someone else’s shoes. Hear a fresh perspective. What inspiration can you bring back to your own situation?


Our experts, facilitators, and guides help you tackle big transformations amidst uncertainty. Suspend your assumptions, open up to new possibilities, listen more deeply, and find a new pattern.

Right action

Wise leaders gather experience from outside, discuss what they’re learning, and then get to work. Results show up in greater ambition, faster implementation, and healthier collaboration.

“Your impact — in a very short time — has been amazing to watch. You do what you do in an understated and delicately crafted way. The outcomes are remarkable.”

“We’re having a completely different conversation after the immersion day. Seeing leaders in such different sectors acting with purpose and vision gave me huge energy.”

“There’s no substitute for first-hand experience! You can study hundreds of reports and it’s still just theory. But you participate in one Quest and it makes a lasting impression.”