We develop wise, compassionate and adept leaders – people who are capable of leading in fast-changing, disrupted environments with competing priorities and interconnected challenges.

As a social enterprise, with a charitable foundation, our mission is to work with leaders from business, government and civil society to catalyse change across three levels:



Deepen purpose, develop resilience and empathy, and build new relationships with people from different walks of life.



Shift organisational culture, build consensus around shared purpose, and embed core values and best practices.

Systemic change

Systemic change

Build trust, shared vision and action to address complex dilemmas - from the future of finance to climate change and food loss.

Our clients and partners include companies at the forefront of technology, consumer goods, media, financial and professional services, as well as global NGOs and non-profits.

Our global community of 9,000+ people is a vibrant network, generating a constant flow of new ideas, partnerships and collaborations.

Our charitable LQ Foundation ensures that diverse leaders – from grassroots community organisers to artists and academics – are supported and given the opportunity for personal growth and enhanced influence. 

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