We work with leaders from across business, government and civil society who want to contribute towards a more sustainable, inclusive world.

Core to what we do is a unique approach to experiential learning for senior leaders. Learning by seeing is one of the fastest, most impactful ways to open people’s eyes to new realities and inspire them to think differently and move to purposeful action. 

We take people outside their usual environments to meet with leaders, change-makers and local communities. We engage with innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and grassroots leaders – from all generations. And we spend time with people who have diverse perspectives on what’s important, and whose views may challenge our own. We blend this external focus with time for reflection, introspection and deep dialogue. 

Leaders' Quest's practice is grounded in the belief that a company, community or ecosystem can only truly transform if those leading it are willing to work on themselves. We see our role as walking alongside our clients as they design and lead bold change. Our aim is to model the behaviours we think are important, and to share our own vulnerabilities, questions and inspiration along the way. 

“Yesterday I was clever and I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself.”


Sufi poet

Principles of engagement

Our principles of engagement guide our working relationships. They are the basis on which we build a shared understanding of what we do and how we do it.


We seek engagements with clients who view change as imperative - change in the wider world, change inside their organisations, and change within themselves. They don’t accept business as usual, and are open to the possibilities and rewards of transformation.

Diverse Voices

We draw out diverse voices and ensure they're heard respectfully, and we add our own voices as catalysts to the conversation. This requires us to create a safe space - intellectually and emotionally - to address big topics and tough questions.


Trust is the core value that allows us to explore challenging questions safely. We work to build trust, and recognise that it is hard won and quickly lost.


Mutuality is the spirit in which we bring people together to build trust. We always look for ways for everyone, regardless of status, to talk and listen, teach and learn, give and receive.


We are professional, independent and open-minded, but we are not neutral. We believe that the world’s problems can be tackled only through joint effort. In this sense, we are pro-civil society, pro-business, pro-NGO and pro-activist. We recognise that different groups have a role to play, and don’t think that anyone, ourselves included, has all the answers.


We know that change is difficult and often takes time. We strive to be realistic, holding ourselves accountable, being fully committed, learning from failure, and knowing that there are many paths to great outcomes.


We are partners with our clients, rather than transactional suppliers. We build long-lasting relationships driven by impact.