The reform of UK banking offers a unique opportunity to rethink what we need from the financial sector.

To this end, Leaders’ Quest and Meteos ran the BankingFutures project to explore how to build a healthier, more resilient and inclusive banking sector. Our work on long-termism in the capital markets was run in conjunction with the Investor Forum.

Over 14 months, we brought together leading bankers with investors, regulators and civil society groups for an in-depth dialogue on banking reform.

Our aim was to create a roadmap for change supported by stakeholders across the banking sector and the diverse communities it serves.

“BankingFutures has successfully supported banks, investors and government to identify tangible sectorwide actions to improve how banks operate in the SME space and communicate with shareholders. ”

Jessica Ground,

Global Head of Stewardship


The result is two reports setting out concrete steps to ensure banks create long-term value for UK society, including:

  • How banks can better support the UK’s critical SME sector – which accounts for 60% of private sector employment.
  • What bank leaders and investors can do to deliver long-term value and better societal outcomes, written in partnership with the Investor Forum. 

The recommendations from each report have strategic partners who have committed to taking the recommendations forward.

This commitment to action, and visible, forward-looking leadership, creates the conditions for long-term change.

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