“BankingFutures has convened the broadest group in society to discuss how banking can help Britain prosper. The collective efforts of those involved has helped provide clear areas of focus, so that banks can better serve and support businesses and create sustainable wealth and opportunity for all. ”

James Garvey ,

Managing Director, Head of Capital Markets


“BankingFutures’ recommendations are an effective and proportionate response to upgrading banking practices and regulation to meet the needs of smaller companies. They have made a major contribution to the debate by calling out the growing importance and specific needs of the self-employed and microbusinesses, crucial to wealth generation, creativity, innovation and personal fulfilment. ”

Tony Greenham,


“BankingFutures has created an understanding of what a healthy banking industry might look like for all stakeholders. We look forward to continuing our work with investors to identify practical steps to contribute towards the creation of sustainable long-term value. ”

Andy Griffiths ,

Executive Director

Investor Forum

“BankingFutures has successfully supported banks, investors and government to identify tangible sectorwide actions to improve how banks operate in the SME space and communicate with shareholders. ”

Jessica Ground,

Global Head of Stewardship


“We have been overwhelmed by the interest and engagement in BankingFutures from a wide range of senior stakeholders. Their interest in taking forward the recommendations means we are optimistic that our goal of identifying concrete actions to improve the UK banking system will be met.”

Sophia Tickell,

BankingFutures Co-Director & Meteos Partner

“The BankingFutures process benefitted enormously from inviting a very diverse set of voices into important conversations about how banks create value. This is significant because it means that the concrete recommendations have resonance across stakeholder groups and champions embedded in key organisations able to bring them to action.”

Anne Wade,

BankingFutures Co-Director & Leaders' Quest Partner

“The BankingFutures report has a vital role to play in changing the role of banking and demonstrating how they can become a force for good in the UK. The report makes clear and practical recommendations on actions which banks and government can take to support small businesses’ access to finance, advice and redress, enabling them to grow and prosper. ”

Bevis Watts ,

UK Managing Director

Triodos Bank