2020 Open Quests - take your personal growth to the next level

Open Quest stories

29 July - 20 October, 2019

A chance to explore today’s big questions

An Open Quest offers a unique chance to explore the world -- and ourselves -- from fresh perspectives.

We're excited to announce two open Quests for 2020:

Exploring the balance: Life and history in Israel and Palestine (6 - 11 June)

Associated with age-old conflict, Israel and Palestine are also home to leaders healing divides with tenacity and compassion, amidst a cultural landscape of incredible richness and diversity. A chance to challenge our preconceptions about others – and ourselves – and consider the subtle complexities of life and history; identity and connection. Click here to learn more. 

21st century China: A changing global role (19 - 23 October)

The scale of change in China has transformed the lives of 1.4 billion citizens and reshaped the world. It’s a powerhouse of AI, new modes of mobility, revolutionary payment technology and sustainable urbanisation – all underpinned by cultural connections to a rich, spiritual past. There’s also growing nationalism, high-tech surveillance and ever-present state oversight. A chance to learn more about the changes underway, as we explore China's entrepreneurial, social, cultural and political ecosystem. Click here to learn more.

“I gained an understanding of leadership in life as opposed to just in business. I came to the realisation that I am only applying a small capacity of my energy and influence as a leader.”

Michelle Moore,



Build relationships. Shape ideas. Create momentum.

An Open Quest offers a mix of memorable on-the-ground activities and meetings with exceptional leaders. People who are tackling some of the toughest problems facing the world today.

Our immersive programmes deliver an exhilarating life experience. The spirit is open, trusting and supportive. We visit social enterprises, global brand names, revolutionary start-ups and vibrant communities.

We combine these visits with daily reflection sessions, to dig deep into our roles and opportunities as individuals. Out of these shared reflections come insights about the wider context – and what we can achieve in it.

Participants come from all sectors – multinational firms, NGOs, entrepreneurs, investors, grassroots organisers, government, the arts and academia. Each of them shares an ambition to enhance their impact.

The path to meaningful change starts here.
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