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24 September 2014

In 2012-13, we partnered with UBM to design a series of Quests focused on realising an ambitious vision of internal change around core purpose, values and behaviours. The programmes, which took place in London, San Francisco and New York, each included 25 high-potential local leaders selected by the senior management team for their contribution to the company’s culture and the performance of the divisions they led.

“Leaders' Quest is the most inspiring and thought-provoking leadership training I've been part of in my career. Through their out-of-the-box approach, I was forced to leave my comfort zone by processing how each session impacted me. It's a remarkable programme that can have life-changing results.”

Robyn Duda,

Vice President, Events


Together we explored issues of leadership, re-invention and innovation (with a particular focus on resource-constrained environments), and spent time reflecting on the theme of community – what it means for the group, personally and professionally. The Quests also sought to strengthen UBM’s culture and values, particularly its commitment to responsible business practices.

Our visits focused on high-quality dialogue with inspiring hosts who exemplify the authentic leadership UBM is trying to emulate. This was supplemented by carefully facilitated workshops that challenged participants to ask themselves tough questions about their own leadership journey and their ability to create impact in the world.

The Quests had a marked impact on levels of engagement amongst the participants – with the company in general and with its commitment to being a responsible business in particular. Interestingly, when UBM carried out an internal assessment of the impact of the Quests, it discovered that the benefits of participation were not isolated to the individuals who came on the programmes –the attitude and engagement of direct reports also registered significant improvement.

“I would highly recommend the Quest experience to others who are jaded by conventional classroom-based leadership development. The learning comes thick and fast, through the sessions and through dialogue with other participants. It is an intense experience but an energising one – I returned to my organisation challenged in a way that I haven't felt for years.”

Jennifer Duvalier, Former Group People & Culture Director