Exploring simplicity, trust and leadership in London

Client stories

27 June 2018

In June 2018, 20 directors from one of the UK’s largest banks set out on a one-day Quest across London– the second in a series of six for the bank’s top 180 leaders.

The team split into small groups to visit some of the city’s most inspiring organisations – from big businesses to smart start-ups and grassroots NGOs. They explored key questions for achieving the bank’s ambitious mission. How can they to inspire colleagues to deliver? How can they simplify a complex business? And how can they build trust in their communities?

Visits included a tour of the White City urban renewal project with developer Stanhope, to learn about building inclusive communities; hearing how start-ups like food sharing app Olio combine profit and purpose at impact investor Mustard Seed; and talking to homeless young people at Centrepoint about how trust is fundamental to empowerment.

Participants rated the statement ‘I would recommend this programme to a colleague’ as 6.3 out of 7 on average.

Here’s what some of our participants said:

It really came through how purpose-drive the organisations we spoke to were – the lock-step between commercial and social impact.

I was left thinking about courage – having a long-term vision and holding true to that. Also, being comfortable with failure and allowing the teams beneath you to experiment.

Olio are flooded with CVs – people are attracted to what they do. How do we bring purpose to life within our teams? How do we involve them in decisions?”

It was really inspiring to see the drive of the young people [at Centrepoint], trying to fulfil their potential and make the best of themselves… We have a lot more in common than we realise.