Feeding the world with global food conglomerate Cargill

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30 June 2016

We collaborated with Cargill to explore feeding our growing world population sustainably.

We led two learning journeys in 2015 – one of Africa, one in China. The result?

New thinking on cross-sector collaboration to scale existing ideas, fresh ideas on the balance between local and global, and insights on the crucial role of leadership.

On two continents, Cargill met food producers, retailers, journalists, NGOs, academics, entrepreneurs, government regulators, students, cooks, animal welfare experts, water specialists and micro-finance providers.

“It's so energising to see different perspectives, that everyone has a desire to get things moving in the right direction. We also recognise we need to work together and I think that's really the key point.”

Emery Koenig,

Retired Vice Chairman and Chief Risk Officer


South Africa & Zambia Learning Journey

In South Africa and Zambia we looked at food security, and how best to connect subsistence smallholders with consumer markets and industrial supply chains. We visited giant state-owned enterprises and spent the night in smallholdings in the remote bush. We saw leafy greens growing under LED lighting, and learned how farmers use mobile phones to gain market information and financial services. 

Watch the Africa Learning Journey video

China Learning Journey

In China, we learned how 1.3 billion people think about nutrition – by exploring food safety, the role of government vs markets, the importance of global trade and, crucially, the impact of climate change.

Watch the China Learning Journey video

All photos are reproduced with kind permission from Dennis Dimick.

Meridian Institute Report

Heather Lair of the Meridian Institute, a non-profit that seeks to help people solve complex and controversial problems, also attended the Africa learning journey and produced the following report.