Lindsay Levin interview: “we’re all the same”

Lindsay Levin

Richard Roberts

03 March 2016

Last week, Lindsay Levin was interviewed by Chris Cooper on his radio show for They talked about leadership, compassion and what it takes to really make a difference.

Chris asked Lindsay what she’d learned from her experience of leading Quests all over the world. The answer: “we’re all the same.” It’s simple but too easily forgotten given the big gaps – wealth vs poverty, left vs right, us vs them – we live with.

Whether consciously or sub-consciously, we often choose to ignore our interconnectedness because it’s inconvenient. As a result, as Lindsay puts it, “we’re becoming more polarised rather than coming closer together. And yet, deep down I think most people realise that pulling apart and becoming polarised is not a solution and is not sustainable.”

Lindsay also shares some stories from her book, Invisible Giants: changing the world one step at a time. Stories of extraordinary people overcoming a lack of resources to have a big impact on those around them. These stories of “invisible giants” reveal insights about our shared humanity and are an example to others seeking to answer for themselves the question at the heart of Lindsay’s book: what really matters?