Lindsay Levin’s must watch grad speech

Lindsay Levin

Leaders’ Quest

05 June 2017

On May 12, Northeastern conferred degrees upon more than 1,500 students at the College of Professional Studies’ graduation ceremony at Matthews Arena, where speakers urged the scholars to embrace diversity, effect positive change, and engage in lifelong learning.

Lindsay Levin, founding partner of Leaders' Quest, delivered the graduation address. She imparted four pieces of advice to the graduates, calling on the future change-makers to notice their surroundings, listen to different viewpoints, identify with others, and seek stillness.

“To truly identify with the humanity of another person — even when we deeply disagree with them — is not easy... It takes courage and humility to ask: ‘How is it true that what I see or judge or fear in another is a version of me?’”

Watch the full speech here: