Our practices at Leaders’ Quest

Lindsay Levin

Lindsay Levin

09 May 2016

Nature can’t help but generate new life with ever increasing complexity. Life is about growth, and the same is true of the human journey. Our job is to keep learning and stay open to possibilities.

At Leaders’ Quest, the skills and practices we value are learned over a lifetime and always evolving. We believe it’s our responsibility to take stock regularly – whilst not taking ourselves too seriously.

These practices sit at the heart of LQ

Holding space with compassion

We create a safe space for new insight and wisdom to arise – those ‘aha’ moments that can change how we see the world and ourselves.

Bridging the outer, the inner and the other

We work at the intersection between the outside world, our own inner realities and the perspective of others.

Deep listening

We listen to what’s being said and what’s not being said. We want to ensure all voices are heard.

A culture of care

We care about details, large and small. We care about the experience of everyone.

Trusting what comes

We work with whatever arises and search for our best possible response in the moment.

Leading by example

We are prepared to be vulnerable and to recognise our own fears and mistakes.

Sitting with questions and dilemmas

Many of the challenges we face today are interconnected and involve competing priorities. We recognise that there are often no easy answers, and seek to be comfortable with ambiguity.

Letting go of judgement

We value different perspectives, while maintaining the freedom to stand up respectfully for our own beliefs.