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08 June 2016

Over four years, we ran a series of Quests for the partner group of private equity firm Actis, along with key stakeholders including Board members and key investors. The goal for Actis? To enhance its market knowledge and explore new opportunities in one of its key sectors: social investment.

We designed a unique set of Quests in China, South Africa, Nigeria and Brazil to provide emerging market experiences in finance, energy, innovation, agribusiness, education, infrastructure, retail and media. 

Chairman Paul Fletcher on the impact of the Actis Quests


“The key breakthrough in Actis was from a group of people who thought that the only thing that mattered was financial returns, to a group of people who now run a balanced business between those financial returns and non-financial outcomes. Leaders’ Quest was central to that journey.”

Paul Fletcher,



The Quests took the team on a journey which, Paul Fletcher described as incredibly powerful in a business context.