Transforming corporate culture for a changing world

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Leaders’ Quest

27 June 2017

We hear a lot about the importance of culture for successful organisations, and the dangers of a poor corporate culture. But what exactly is culture – and how do we change it?

If we describe culture as the way we do things around here, then cultural transformation is simply about changing the way we do things around here.

Evolving a corporate culture means enabling people to change their behaviour. It means equipping them to succeed – regardless of their surroundings. In essence, it’s about why we do the things we do and – when we change our behaviour – why we change it.

Think about a bold new direction, a revamped organizational structure or a daring acquisition. These activities are not the cultural transformation itself. They are strategies made possible by a transformed culture and the people leading it.

At Leaders’ Quest, we work closely with senior teams to help them achieve cultural change, from CEOs of multinational corporates to boards of non-profits. We have seen first-hand the power of compassionate, purposeful leadership to inspire positive change at every level of an organisation.

We have written a thought leadership piece reflecting on our experiences and exploring four questions that are critical for building a corporate culture that is fit for the 21st century:

1.Why do we need a new kind of corporate culture?

2.What might a transformed 21st century culture look like?

3.What leadership qualities and behaviours are required?

4.How are these qualities and behaviours nurtured?