What does Compassion X mean for Leaders’ Quest?

Compassion X

Melanie Jamieson

20 October 2015

People have been talking about compassion – often in inspiring and eloquent ways – for thousands of years. All faiths put compassion at the heart of spirituality (the ‘Golden Rule’), encouraging benevolence for everybody — even our enemies. Yet religions have a history of intolerance. As Mother Theresa said, ‘the problem with humanity is that we draw our family circle too small.’

Now more than ever, we need a radical response to address the accelerating challenges in the world today. We need to bridge the gap between our so-called cleverness and our emotional, ethical and spiritual capacities. It’s about a new way of being – a transformation in the way we draw the boundaries of our family circle and how we relate to each other and our environment.

At Leaders’ Quest, we know we don’t have all the answers. But we do know that we’re connected to an incredible community of people around the world from every walk of life, each with the potential to change our collective path to the future dramatically.

So we’re going to focus our attention on bringing together these diverse voices to reflect, share and co-create in response to the question: how can we reimagine compassion and scale it to address humanity’s greatest challenges?

And we’ll start from where we know leadership begins – ourselves. We’ll look to evolve our own practice in our work and daily lives. We’ll try to remember that what we say needs doing ‘out there' in our organisations and communities, begins by looking ‘in here’, inside ourselves. We’ll dive in deep and explore some of the fantastic initiatives that are bubbling up around compassion in many different spheres, and we’ll share what we’re learning along the way.

We don’t know where this journey will take us. We’ll embark upon it not because the destination is certain, but because the world’s problems can be tackled only through joint effort and everyone has a role to play.