What’s the role of your business in the world?

Leaders on leadership

12 June 2019

Today’s leaders face intense social and environmental pressures as they navigate a disrupted, digital world. We help individuals and teams understand themselves, their impact and how they can lead at their best.


We are passionate about the role of business as a force for good, alongside financial performance.

We partner with CEOs and their leadership teams on journeys of transformation. We focus on culture change, embedding vision and values, inspiring innovation and creating impact.

The impact of our work is far-reaching. Leaders frequently report transformational experiences for themselves and their organisations – from new strategies and creative business models, to enhanced collaboration and deep cultural change.

“Every company needs to exist to solve a societal problem – and if we get it right for society and our customers, the financial benefits will follow. That’s why the work we do with Leaders’ Quest is so important.”


“This experience will profoundly impact my personal leadership in multiple ways – how I relate to individuals, how I set the bar for my leadership aspirations, the importance of passion and authenticity, taking risks…”


What we offer

Advisory support

Our top team – including people with extensive leadership experience in business, NGOs and social enterprise – supports senior executives with advice, mentoring and ongoing coaching.

Tailored Quests

We create bespoke experiential learning journeys to meet specific goals – from developing leaders and building trust and collaboration within teams, to accelerating innovation. A Quest comprises immersive visits to global brand names, revolutionary start-ups, social enterprises and vibrant communities. We engage in frank conversations and memorable on-the-ground activities, interspersed with workshops and reflection sessions to share insights, foster new thinking and deepen relationships.

Convening top teams

We design and facilitate impactful events for boards and leadership teams all around the world. We focus on enabling conversations about what really matters; we bring in external speakers to stimulate new ideas and help groups to come together around a shared vision.

Transformation workshops

We lead workshops that deepen consciousness, build personal awareness, and enable groups to create pathways for themselves and their organisations. Our expertise is in helping people move from awareness to inspiration and action.

Want to learn more about how we help clients create thriving businesses?

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