Basecamp Quest 2020

Future Stewards

18 January 2020

Arctic Basecamp, Leaders' Quest, Global Optimism and We Mean Business are pleased to announce Basecamp Quest 2020.

Tackling climate change requires a major shift in the way we live, produce and trade. Business can play a critical role in building this regenerative future -- if leaders act decisively.

We're bringing together a group of cross-sector leaders with climate experts to address the challenge.

The 1.5-day glacier-based programme will take place immediately before the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, January 2020.

We'll travel from Davos to a nearby ice field and stay overnight.

The programme will include:

  • Field visit with experts to explore the glacier and learn how our planet is changing -- and what this means for global systems.
  • Deep dive discussions on how free markets can respond -- and the role of leaders in reimagining capitalism.
  • Scoping the possibilities so participants leave with clear takeaways for their organisations.

The programme is open to senior leaders from all sectors. To register interest in attending or to arrange a call to find out more, please contact

About the organisers

Leaders' Quest equips CEOs and their teams for the demands of the 21st century. Its clients include companies at the forefront of technology, finance, heavy industry and telecoms, as well as global NGOs and non-profits. It specialises in immersive learning journeys (Quests) that mix powerful experiences in the field with deep reflection on our opportunities as leaders.

Arctic Basecamp engages scientists, global business leaders, policymakers, innovators and disruptors about the canary in the coalmine of global risk -- the Arctic. It is run at Davos each January by Lancaster University's Pentland Centre for Sustainability and Business.

Global Optimism was founded by the architects of the Paris Climate Agreement, Christiana Figueres and Tom Carnac. They bring practical insights on the behaviours, mindsets and leadership required to build coalitions, and a dynamic network of global leaders who know and trust their skills.

We Mean Business catalyses influential businesses to transition to a low-carbon economy. It fosters collaboration between traditional competitors and brings experience of convening diverse stakeholders from across a sector.