China Open Quest 2020

21st century China: a changing global role

Open Quest

19 - 23 October 2020

Join us to learn more about the changes underway in China, as we explore its full entrepreneurial, social, cultural and political ecosystem. 

Why China?

The scale of change in China has transformed the lives of 1.4 billion citizens and reshaped the world.

It’s a powerhouse of AI, new modes of mobility, revolutionary payment technology and sustainable urbanisation – all underpinned by cultural connections to a rich, spiritual past. There’s also growing nationalism, high-tech surveillance and ever-present state oversight.

Today, with tariff wars, environmental uncertainty, and China’s phenomenal tech advances, our preconceptions about the global order are changing. What does this mean for China and its relationships with neighbours, partners, allies and rivals – and with its own citizens and the Chinese diaspora?

Join us to learn more about the changes underway, as we explore China's entrepreneurial, social, cultural and political ecosystem. From start-ups to SOEs, government offices to NGOs, dynamic smart cities to exquisite gardens and temples. 

“What I found most valuable about this, is that it was profoundly transformational for me as an individual and by extension as a leader. It helped me question who I really am and shone a light on my leadership style - and it did so in a very subtle, yet powerful way.”


Global tech company

What is a Quest?

A Quest offers a mix of memorable, on-the-ground activities and meetings with exceptional leaders. People who are tackling some of the toughest problems facing the world today.

We visit social enterprises, global brand names, entrepreneurs, revolutionary start-ups and buzzing communities.

We combine these visits with daily reflection sessions, to dig deep into our roles and opportunities as individuals. What’s our capacity to transform ourselves? How do the choices we make influence our physical, emotional and spiritual growth?

Out of these shared reflections come insights about our place in the world – and what we can achieve in it.

A Quest stimulates all the senses. It prompts energising - and sometimes challenging – questions, in a spirit that is open, trusting and supportive.

Participants come from all levels of all sectors, from multinational firms to NGOs, tech accelerators, investors, grassroots organisers, government, the arts and academia. Each of them is looking to enhance their ability to show up at their best – at home, at work and in their communities. 

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