Detroit Open Quest 2018

Tough transformations and resilient leadership

Open Quest

02 - 04 May 2018

Why Detroit?

Detroit offers a powerful narrative of decline, renewal and hope.

Once the symbol of modern mobility, the 1950s saw the city fall prey to deindustrialization, racial tensions and poverty. In 2013, it pulled off an exemplary exit from the largest-ever US municipal bankruptcy.

Today, Detroit continues to reinvent itself. A new wave of entrepreneurs is renewing links between business and community, while a leaner, more efficient car industry is back in profit. Tech is on the rise, giving Motor City a pool of engineering talent to rival Silicon Valley.

Yet stark divides remain – between inner and outer city, employed and unemployed, new and native Detroiters.

This complicated, dynamic city is a compelling place to explore tough transformations and resilient leadership.

“I gained an understanding of leadership in life as opposed to just in business. I came to the realisation that I am only applying a small capacity of my energy and influence as a leader.”

Michelle Moore,



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An Open Quest offers a mix of memorable, on-the-ground activities and meetings with exceptional leaders. People who are tackling some of the toughest problems facing the world today.

Our immersive programs deliver an exhilarating life experience. The spirit is open, trusting and supportive. We visit social enterprises, global brand names, revolutionary start-ups and vibrant communities.

We combine these visits with daily reflection sessions, to dig deep into our roles and opportunities as individuals. Out of these shared reflections come insights about the wider context – and what we can achieve in it.

Participants come from all sectors – multinational firms, NGOs, entrepreneurs, investors, grassroots organisers, government, the arts and academia. Each of them shares an ambition to enhance their impact.

The path to meaningful change starts here.
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