Mexico Quest

New leadership for changing times: globalisation and tradition

Open Quest

02 - 05 October 2019

Join us in exploring new leadership for changing times in Mexico, a country negotiating the cross-currents of tradition and globalisation.

Why Mexico?

Mexico is riding a populist wave at a time when tensions with its US neighbour have put decades of fragile diplomacy under the spotlight.

Against the backdrop of NAFTA, there are regional implications for agriculture, auto manufacturing, trade tariffs, urban development, migration and the drugs war.

A newly elected left-leaning president (known as AMLO) has taken the reins. Previously Mayor of Mexico City, his ambitious vision includes raising welfare, and tackling rampant corruption, poverty and weak infrastructure.

But AMLO’s victory has boosted inward investment. Mexico is bucking the trend of other emerging markets and Mexico City – accounting for 17% of national GDP – is enjoying a cultural renaissance.

A country of manufacturing success and informal, cash-driven markets, Mexico embodies complex narratives: future trends vs family traditions, globalisation vs national identity. 

“The Quest was a key milestone in my own transformation journey. Our team could see the sustainability challenges first-hand, and understand the impact of our products and technology. We brought back transformative business ideas that were immediately implemented. This is very powerful.”

Vice President Global Sustainability,

Global consumer goods company

Build relationships. Shape ideas. Create momentum. 

A Quest offers a mix of memorable, on-the-ground activities and meetings with exceptional leaders. People who are tackling some of the toughest problems facing the world today.

Our immersive programmes deliver an exhilarating life experience. The spirit is open, trusting and supportive. We visit social enterprises, global brand names, revolutionary start-ups and vibrant communities.

We combine these visits with daily reflection sessions, to dig deep into our roles and opportunities as individuals. Out of these shared reflections come insights about the wider context – and what we can achieve in it.

Participants come from all levels of all sectors – multinational firms, NGOs, entrepreneurs, investors and grassroots organisers, government, the arts and academia. Each of them shares an ambition to enhance their impact.

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