Pathfinders Quest San Francisco

What kind of leadership is required to address climate change?

Future Stewards

09 - 11 May 2017

Just over a year ago, the Paris Accords were signed. While imperfect, they felt like an achievement – the culmination of a long struggle. Today we are asking how we can ensure that the commitments made in 2015 lead to action? How do we collaborate to get results? And what role should each of us play?

Our Pathfinders Quest is a part of Future Stewards, an exciting project led by Leaders’ Quest, Mission 2020 and We Mean Business

This 3-day programme in the San Francisco Bay Area is designed for senior global leaders from business and non-profits, as well as innovators and change makers who are:

  • Committed to the personal growth, compassion and bold action needed to lead on climate change.
  • Ready to forge radical partnerships.
  • Willing to use their influence to motivate those who are skeptical about the challenges ahead.

“The Quest was a key milestone in my own transformation journey. Our team could see the sustainability challenges first-hand, and understand the impact of our products and technology. We brought back transformative business ideas that were immediately implemented. This is very powerful."”

Virginie Helias,

Vice President Global Sustainability

Procter & Gamble

Pathfinders Quest will take participants out of their everyday environments to meet with leaders, innovators and change-makers who are transforming the world around them. Examples of visits include:

  • Spending time with local and multinational business leaders who are successfully combining profit with purpose.
  • Witnessing entrepreneurial organisations that are creating exceptional new business models.
  • Exploring big questions about the environment and society with local activists, politicians and academics.
  • Engaging with leaders in marginalised communities who are tackling poverty, exclusion and violence in innovative ways.

We will be based at a retreat centre in the hills south of San Francisco. Each day will offer a selection of immersive visits and skill-enhancing workshops — alongside time to connect with an extraordinary group of peers.


  • Moving from advocacy and activism to collaboration and network-building.
  • Stepping out of silos and working towards a sustainable future and enhanced wellbeing for all.
  • Learning lessons from sectors in the vanguard of change.
  • Climate change as part of an ecosystem that includes human rights, social inclusion and wealth creation.
  • Accessing our most compassionate self to bring a deeper sense of care to our everyday relationships.

Staying connected

We’re building a global community of 600+ leaders who will share the experience of a Pathfinders Quest in San Francisco, London and Delhi, as well as in cities in Africa and South America. Opportunities include:

• Pro-bono leadership coaching before and after the Quests for participants from non-profits.

• Ongoing networking (events in major cities as well as virtually) to deepen relationships and collaborations that catalyse impact.

For more information, please contact:

Quest facilitators

Giles Goodhead

Co-Managing Partner

Giles, based in London, has led over 40 Quests around the world. He develops programmes for companies that inspire innovation, disruption and creativity.


Max Metcalfe


Max is based in London but has worked and lived in North America, Europe and Asia. He set up our office in Mumbai, and has worked with many of our multinational clients, including on over 50 Quests.


Rachel Parikh


Rachel is Founder and CEO of TOP Consulting, which provides executive coaching services. She spent has over 20 years working in the high-tech industry and is passionate about culture change.

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