UK Open Quest 2018

Bradford: Disruption, aspiration and belonging

Open Quest

03 - 06 October 2018

Why Bradford?

Bradford is the ideal place to explore aspiration and belonging in a nation at a crossroads.

Once the ‘wool capital of the world’, the city declined in the post-war era – although its textile industry still drew workers from Europe and Asia.

Today, a third of its citizens are from ethnic minorities, and it has one of the country’s largest Muslim communities. Social unrest has simmered, but ‘tension monitoring’ initiatives have kept the peace. It’s also one of the UK’s youngest cities – nearly one in four residents are under 16. Regeneration is underway – underpinned in part by EU funding – and there are thriving financial, manufacturing, creative and digital industries. But Brexit threatens investment and poor transport links are hampering growth.

The future is uncertain, yet hopes are high and grassroots leaders are driving renewal with energy and pride. This Northern Powerhouse city has much to teach us about community resilience – and the complex links between past, present and future.

“A Quest gives you the confidence to really push the boundaries of comfort, how you think about yourself, your role in the world and what it takes to achieve the things you want to achieve.”

Peter Wheeler,

Executive Vice President

The Nature Conservancy

Build relationships. Shape ideas. Create momentum.

An Open Quest offers a mix of memorable on-the-ground activities and meetings with exceptional leaders. People who are tackling some of the toughest problems facing the world today.

Our immersive programmes deliver an exhilarating life experience. The spirit is open, trusting and supportive. We visit social enterprises, global brand names, revolutionary start-ups and vibrant communities.

We combine these visits with daily reflection sessions, to dig deep into our roles and opportunities as individuals. Out of these shared reflections come insights about the wider context – and what we can achieve in it.

Participants come from all sectors – multinational firms, NGOs, entrepreneurs, investors, grassroots organisers, government, the arts and academia. Each of them shares an ambition to enhance their impact.

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