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31 May 2016

We led a Kenya Quest for a P&G team pioneering a water-saving product for low-income consumers in emerging markets.

In Nairobi, P&G met bottom-of-the-pyramid consumers where they live, and learned how innovative R&D really can promote sustainability and cut water scarcity.

The outcome? Faster product development and a significant shift in the team’s sense of ambition and purpose. Participants gained in self-empowerment by adopting a more open style of management. They also strengthened their brand allegiance to impact the P&G culture more broadly.

Vice President of Global Sustainability, Virgine Helias, on the Quest impact


“The Quest was a key milestone in my own transformation journey. Our team could see the sustainability challenges first-hand, and understand the impact of our products and technology. We brought back transformative business ideas that were immediately implemented. This is very powerful.”

Virginie Helias,

Chief Sustainability Officer


What some of the P&G participants said about their Quest experience:

Before the Quest, my view of the consumer in developing countries was superficial. The difference you can get from a real life experience, compared with PowerPoint, is tremendous. We now have the correct knowledge of what the consumer desires. This is very valuable for P&G.

I am convinced that projects like this one in Africa will help embed sustainability in the DNA of our company. Everyone I’ve met is proud to link the work they do to people that need help.

As a team we kept on going and going because we knew we were making something that can change lives. That urgency and constant drive would not have existed had I not come to Kenya.

This project would not have accelerated as quickly, had we not been on a Quest. As a result of seeing the realities of water shortage first-hand in Kenya, we all shared a single motivation.

Example of impact for the Nairobi community

In Kibera, Africa’s largest slum, a meeting with a community organisation led to the launch of a brand new washing centre. This is now a vital resource for Nairobi residents. It also channels user-feedback, which helps P&G improve its water-saving products.

The centre gives a much-needed service to the local community, while also providing P&G with the means to distribute products and allowing it to gain a deeper understanding into the ways consumers use them.