We provide training, mentoring and access to our vibrant network of change-makers to strengthen individuals and deepen the impact of their organisations.

Eligibility criteria

  • Non-profit organisation staff, board members and programme beneficiaries. This includes grassroots organisers and artists if the values and issues they focus on align with our work.
  • A dynamic and bold vision for tackling global challenges on any scale.
  • Demonstrable track record of leadership within their community, organisation or sector.
  • Commitment to capturing impact and outcomes beyond the Quest experience  both in the programme and peer-learning sessions.
  • Openness to sharing personal story and learning from others.

“I didn’t think it was possible to be liberated in a few days, but I believe that is what has happened.”

Irshad Manji,


Moral Courage Project

“For me, this was a unique opportunity to see something entirely new and to think through what that newness might mean to me.”

Caleb Zigas,

Executive Director

La Cocina

“When you take the time to pause and engage with different people, it is refreshing. It is good to have that full change of perspective of being, doing. ”

Caren Holzman,

Founder and Director

Enabling Outcomes

The selection process

A panel of three individuals from our international team reviews applications and conducts phone or virtual conversations with shortlisted candidates. 

We select a diverse combination of leaders working across different issues and countries. We prioritise leaders who demonstrate an openness and curiosity about the world, who believe in the mutual benefit of learning and sharing, and who are committed to the transformation of themselves, their organisations and the world. 

If you're interested in applying for our Open Quest programmes, please get in touch with us at foundation@leadersquest.org

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