We empower grassroots leaders to tackle tough issues in their own communities and beyond through our fellowship programme. 

We catalyse change across three interconnected levels:


We work at a grassroots level to identify and empower individuals to challenge inequalities and transform societies.


We develop community-based organisations and local eco-systems to foster opportunity and inclusive growth.


We challenge entrenched behaviours and influence government policy on social, economic and environmental issues.


We've reached more than 1.6 million people in India since 2008 through training and developing 900 grassroots leaders, 280+ organisations and 300+ mentors.

We've empowered individuals...

  • 70% women
  • 69% marginalised castes and tribal groups
  • 41% below high-school education level
  • 11% religious minorities

...to drive sustainable change

  • Empowering women
  • Generating livelihoods
  • Improving education and healthcare
  • Accessing clean water and toilets
  • Securing tribal land rights

...and expand their reach

  • Leading regional and state campaigns
  • Building alliances with local NGOs
  • Connecting with global leaders
  • Influencing state policy
  • Mentoring high-potential grassroots leaders

*Fellows survey up to 500 households and create projects to meet local needs. We can conservatively estimate that each of them benefits an average of 2,000 people in their fellowship year.

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Impact stories

Our grassroots leaders have helped more than 1.6 million people living in marginalised communities.
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