Our fellowship programme is a collaboration between Leaders’ Quest and CORO India, a community-owned organisation based at the heart of Mumbai. Together, we work to transform societies by empowering grassroots leaders to generate creative solutions to complex issues in marginalised communities.

The benefits of our deep and collaborative partnership are significant, allowing us to combine our extensive networks and experience from across diverse sections of society to co-create the fellowship programme.

In 2015 CORO celebrated 25 years’ experience working on holistic community development across Maharashtra. We launched the fellowship programme in Rajasthan, and welcomed 33 new fellows to a growing family of grassroots leaders. Now, with 10 years of a successful partnership behind us, we are looking for new opportunities to share our fellowship programme with other partner organisations globally.

CORO India team members

Deepchand Mali

Programme Manager, Quest Fellowship Programme, Rajasthan

Deepchand is a social activist with 25 years’ experience in field work and NGO management across several districts of Rajasthan. He helped expand the Quest Fellowship Programme across the state.

Mahendra Rokade

Programme Director, CORO India

Mahendra is one of the leaders of the LQ Fellowship Programme in India. He gained his experience with our lead partner organisation, CORO, where he is Programme Director.

Moumita Deb

Fundraising and Partnerships Manager

Moumita joined CORO in 2016 and looks after Fundraising and Partnerships. She has over 15 years' experience in the IT industry, and has volunteered for several NGOs in Mumbai.

Nagesh Jadhav

Training Manager, Quest Fellowship Programme

Nagesh joined CORO in 2015 after working seven years with CSR, NGO, government and academic bodies. He started his career at Cummins India Foundation as a Programme Coordinator.

Rahul Gaware

Programme Manager (QFP), CORO India

Rahul has a key role in our Fellowship Programme in Maharashtra. His 12 years’ experience with NGO CORO, working at the grassroots, has helped shape his role.

Sujata Khandekar

Director, CORO India

Sujata co-founded our Fellowship Programme in Mumbai, describing it as her ‘dream project’ and ‘the culmination of 20 years’ work’. It’s her vision to replicate the model across Maharashtra State.

Suryakant Kamble

Process Coordinator, Quest Fellowship Programme

Suryakant joined CORO in 2003 as a volunteer for the core programme, working with men on gender sensitisation in Mumbai slums. Prior to this, he was particularly active in politics.