Freelance Tech Hosts


16 February 2021

The opportunity

We have two open positions for Freelance Tech Hosts

This is an exciting opportunity for someone who is confident using technology and has experience on Zoom. The ideal candidate will have a reliable and fast internet connection!

You will moderate experiential learning journeys, interactive workshops and meetings with Leaders from across the globe, helping Leaders’ Quest deliver a seamless product. It is a chance to gain exposure to fascinating content and interesting people from different walks of life.

This is an ideal role for someone who is looking for flexible work to fit around other projects.

Please note: this will be on-demand work which means that some weeks will be busy and others will not. The ideal candidate would be assigned to a client project and have specific dates for preparation and delivery online.

Main responsibilities

Between 2 to 5 hours of moderation per session. Including:

  • Setting breakout groups
  • Recording meetings
  • Taking notes
  • Sharing media and presentations
  • The individual will be required to join a preparation session with the delivery team to understand full requirements and get clarification.

We will provide:

  • Training on Zoom moderation to understand Leaders’ Quest’s needs.
  • Feedback any learnings and product changes. The post holder will also be expected to report on any issues, learnings and changes to the Information Systems team lead.

Key skills and characteristics required

  • Confident with technology, able to troubleshoot and think on their feet.
  • Fluent in English, ability to stay calm under stress and multi-task.
  • Able to pick up information quickly and ask the right questions to get clarification.
  • Willing to learn and give feedback to help improve the system.
  • Reliable and punctual.
  • Comfortable communicating with people across cultures and seniority levels.
  • Experience of moderating calls on Zoom and use of Mural is a bonus.
  • Willingness to be flexible (some evenings may be required)

Salary and location

Salary is $28 per hour in the USA, £18 per hour in the UK, and Rs.1200 per hour in India.

*While we’ve provided three regions as a reference for salaries here, we are open to the location of the candidate – US/Europe/Asia. However, the time zones for our projects are UK and US (East Coast) centric – and for those based in Asia this will mean working in the evenings.

Please send a personalised CV and 500 words on why you would be interested in the role and your experience to