Future Stewards works with leaders taking bold action on climate change. We help them change dominant systems, shift cultures and drive innovation. 

Our aim is to build a network of visionary change-makers to achieve the ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement – and build a regenerative civilisation. 

Our approach is founded on two principles:

    • Change starts from within. Leaders who want to transform their environment have to begin with themselves.
    • To transform systems, we need to understand them – as they are today and as they could be tomorrow.

Some of the most powerful breakthroughs come from shifting perspectives and reconnecting to our personal values. With a community working toward the same goals, the results can be extraordinary. 

How we work with you

We equip individuals and groups to achieve transformative change. We work closely with you to design programmes that meet your needs – whether you’re on the front line, convening stakeholders to tackle complex problems, or driving impact across a sector as a funder. 

Our modules can be delivered as one-off workshops, or we can build a multi-stage journey to meet your needs:

Personal and collective leadership

  • Quest experiential programmes to shift mindsets, renew energy and forge strong bonds. 
  • Best-Self Leadership workshops to enhance capacity to sustain high performance. 

Radical innovation

  • Map the system workshops to identify the patterns shaping the future -- and the sweet spots where you can have the most impact
  • Design the future workshops to create a compelling long-term vision and pathways to achieve it. 
  • Realise the future action-learning process to support live innovation projects.

Build capacity

  • Train-the-trainer programmes so your team can deliver leadership and innovation workshops across your network. 
  • Transformative project management training. 

Join our growing climate community.