The Future Stewards partners have made a considerable investment in supporting new leadership and effective systems change in the climate change field.

Global Optimism

Global Optimism was founded by the architects of the Paris Climate Agreement, Christiana Figueres and Tom Carnac. They bring practical insights on the behaviours, mindsets and leadership required to build coalitions, and a dynamic network of global leaders who know and trust their skills.

We Mean Business

We Mean Business catalyses influential businesses to transition to a low-carbon economy. It fosters collaboration between traditional competitors and brings experience of convening diverse stakeholders from across a sector.

Leaders' Quest

Leaders’ Quest develops effective, compassionate leaders for fast-changing, disrupted environments. Clients range from multinationals to non-profits, governments and systemic initiatives.

Future Stewards

Bill Sharpe


Bill Sharpe is an independent futures practitioner and researcher in science, technology and society, and is author of Economies of Life: patterns of health and wealth.

Christiana Figueres

Future Stewards Founding Member

Christiana is the Convenor of Mission 2020 and a world authority on global climate change. She was the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC from 2010–2016.

Darya Shaikh


Darya, based in New York, joined LQ in 2014. She spent the previous decade with the multi-national PeaceWorks Foundation and OneVoice Movement, serving as its first Executive Director and COO.

Lindsay Levin

Founding Partner

Lindsay founded LQ in 2001 to connect leaders from all walks of life to explore solutions to big issues. She works with CEOs and their teams on the role of business, values and culture change.

Nigel Topping

Future Stewards Founding Member

Nigel is CEO of We Mean Business, a sustainable business advocacy group working on climate change with thousands of the world’s most influential businesses.