Leaders Link Episode 11

A conversation with Lindsay Levin and Wendy Kopp

Leaders Link

25 June 2020

Welcome to a new episode of Leaders Link: a series of live-streamed conversations with leaders who have special reflections to share on some of the greatest challenges of our time.

Episode 11 features Wendy Kopp, who founded Teach for America in 1989. In 2007, she broadened her reach by co-founding Teach For All – a global network operating in schools across 53 countries.

In this Leaders Link session, Wendy tells us about her goal to channel the energy of generations of teachers into serving under-resourced communities. During the current pandemic, their efforts have never been more valuable, as the most marginalised kids are often the least likely to be sheltering in safe spaces.

Wendy explains that the digital divide is real, but the biggest divide highlights the lack of teachers with a genuinely close relationship with children (and their families). In her own words, “Some teachers teach kids, some teach content; in this era, what we need is the former”.

She also reveals how a reliance on virtual schoolhouses has helped her organisations think differently about shared strategies, and expresses her hope that everyone will emerge, post-COVID, with a stronger appreciation of the work done by teachers.  

Our next Leaders Link session features James Harding. James is the former Director of BBC News and Current Affairs, and former Editor of The Times newspaper. His 2018 venture, Tortoise Media, aims to build a different type of newsroom, for slower, wiser news.

To join our next episode on Monday 13 July at 11 AM (EDT); 4 PM (BST), you can register here. These sessions are free and open to everyone, so do invite your networks to join!

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