Leaders Link Episode 18

A conversation with Lindsay Levin, Braxton Winston and Jimmie Briggs

Leaders Link

05 November 2020

Welcome to a new episode of Leaders Link: a series of live-streamed conversations with leaders who have special reflections to share on some of the greatest challenges of our time.

Braxton Winston is an At-Large Charlotte City Council Member in North Carolina, and an influential citizen-journalist. Jimmie Briggs is a Principal at the Skoll Foundation, a widely published journalist and an LQ Associate. 

While waiting for confirmation of the Presidential election winner, Braxton and Jimmie shared initial reactions to a momentous day in US history.

For Jimmie, the knife-edge results demonstrate the pervasive, historical division that haunts America – principally caused by race. He believes the country lacks a clear identity because people’s views of reality are different. He touches on the leadership being shown by Black women, and the need to elevate the diversity and richness of the people who call America home.

Braxton has been waiting for today for a long time, and tells us he feels inspired and energised by the prospect of pushing for more civic engagement. He believes it’s important to put pressure on the system so that January’s power transition goes ahead smoothly. He says it’s time for the healing to begin – to address not just the last four years, but centuries of structural racism.

Our next session features Ali Abu Awwad, a leading Palestinian peace activist and leader of several peace-building initiatives, culminating in the Taghyeer (Change) Palestinian Nonviolence Movement. His life and work has been featured in the award-winning films Encounter Point and Forbidden Childhood. How can Ali’s nonviolent, empowering leadership translate globally?

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