Leaders Link Episode 2

A conversation with Lindsay Levin, Sujata Khandekar and Luis Miranda

Leaders Link

14 April 2020

Welcome to our second Leaders Link! a series of live-streamed conversations with leaders who have special reflections to share on some of the greatest challenges of our time.

Episode 2 features Luis Miranda and Sujata Khandekar from CORO – one of India’s foremost grassroots leadership NGOs.

The LQ-CORO relationship began more than a decade ago. To date, this joint Fellowship has trained more than 1,300 grassroots leaders – 70% of them women, most from backgrounds of acute poverty – and CORO has hosted more than 8,000 Quest participants.

As Mumbai (and Maharashtra State more broadly) tackles the COVID-19 crisis, how is CORO’s incredible team of Fellows meeting the challenge of feeding thousands of families who are struggling to survive without a safety net?

Luis and Sujata told us how their Fellows (and a small army of volunteers) have overcome sourcing and supply chain issues and mobilised to distribute 1,200 food packages – with more on the way.

They shared how the organisation’s database (10,000+ households) is helping the team support those most in need and how, during this time of maximum uncertainty, CORO’s emphasis on community self-reliance is making the difference.

As the world enters new territory – and community livelihoods are threatened as never before – we are fundraising for CORO. You can read more about CORO here

To donate to CORO, via the Leaders Quest Foundation in the US and UK, please click here.

For donations in India, please click here.

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For our third Leaders Link session, Lindsay will be joined by Nigel Topping, UK High Level Climate Action Champion for UN climate talks (COP26).

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