Managing Partners

Giles Goodhead

Co-Managing Partner

Giles, based in London, has led over 40 Quests around the world. He develops programmes for companies that inspire innovation, disruption and creativity.

Jayma Pau

Co-Managing Partner

Jayma works with global clients to design and deliver culture change, leadership programmes and Quests in different parts of the world. She leads our operations, resourcing and people development.

Lindsay Levin

Founding Partner

Lindsay founded LQ in 2001 to connect leaders from all walks of life to explore solutions to big issues. She works with CEOs and their teams on the purpose of business, values and culture change.


Anne Wade


Anne brings to Leaders' Quest her extensive expertise from two decades as a top asset manager and in corporate boardrooms. She focuses on the positive role that business can play in society.

Annie Perrin


Annie joined Leaders’ Quest in 2017 as a Partner, based in New York. She is a lifelong student of human behaviour and interpersonal dynamics.

Darya Shaikh


Darya, based in New York, joined LQ in 2014. She spent the previous decade with the multi-national PeaceWorks Foundation and OneVoice Movement, serving as its first Executive Director and COO.

Eric Levine


Eric has led Quests in finance, professional services, education, and technology.

Fields Wicker-Miurin


Fields has been a partner at LQ since 2002 and is dedicated to being a bridge between belief systems, cultures and sectors. She serves on the boards of BNP Paribas, Scor and others.

Gene Early


Gene hosted the original Quest to Silicon Valley and has co-led numerous Quests since. His PhD is in leadership and organisational development and his passion is to catalyse transformation.

Hendrik-Jan Laseur


Hendrik-Jan is based in Lisbon. His firm, Lead the Change, works with clients to connect purpose, vision and approach through strategy consulting, workshop-facilitation and coaching. 

Jodi Kamming

Chief Financial Officer

Jodi joined us as CFO in August 2017, overseeing LQ’s finances. She has spent the past decade gaining leadership experience in the private and non-profit sectors.

Kenzie Lau-Kwong


Kenzie has worked at LQ since 2005, leading and supporting programmes worldwide. She runs her own consulting practice, Kenn & K Consulting, specialising in organisational and leadership development.

Max Metcalfe


Max is based in NYC, but has worked and lived in North America, Europe and Asia. He set up our office in Mumbai, and has worked with many of our multinational clients, including on over 50 Quests.

Melanie Jamieson


Melanie designs and delivers Quests, and plays a key role working with organisations on journeys of transformation. Inside LQ, she leads global brand development, PR and communications strategy.

Melanie Katzman


Melanie has been with LQ since 2005, and led multiple Quests across the world. Her advisory group, Katzman Consulting, is an international consortium of psychologists that work with business leaders. 

Rachel Parikh


Rachel is Founder and CEO of TOP Consulting, which provides executive coaching services. She spent has over 20 years working in the high-tech industry and is passionate about culture change.

Sayo Ayodele


Sayo designs and delivers Quests around the world, including Brazil, India, and Nigeria. She previously worked at a Washington DC law firm on an outreach programme for neighbouring communities.

Simon Hampel


Simon works with global organisations to help catalyse the transformational change required to meet today’s challenges.

Global team

Abby Barton


Abby is an executive coach and strategic consultant with a strong commercial and leadership background.

Adrienne McCurdy


Adrienne is committed to creating collaborative spaces for groups to tap into their collective wisdom and shared purpose.

Aliefya Vahanvaty

Partner Assistant

Aliefya brings a lust for life and keen curiosity to her role as a partners' assistant based in Mumbai, having spent several years as a journalist.

Alisha Dias

Programme Assistant

Alisha joined Leaders’ Quest in September 2016. Prior to this she gained a Masters in International Development at the University of Warwick, UK.

Amanda Manuel

Programme Manager

Amanda joined our India office in 2012. She is a Commerce graduate and worked at RBS for two and a half years before being drawn to the social sector.

Asha Nagre

Administrative & Accounting Coordinator

Asha joined the India team in June 2011 and, prior to this, worked at Saathi, a well-known Mumbai-based NGO.

Ashley Clark


Ashley’s work as an advisor and trainer revolves around multinational leadership – helping people see differently. At LQ she has worked in India, China, South Africa, the US, and Israel/Palestine.

Beth McNamee

Director, Design and Innovation

Beth is a Director in LQ’s New York office, and focuses on developing innovative and scalable offerings for our clients.

Brooke Behrmann

Team Coordinator

Brooke joined Leaders’ Quest in August 2017 as a Team Coordinator in the New York office. Prior to LQ, she worked at Shanti Bhavan Children's Project - an Indian school for underprivileged children.

Carolina Moeller


Over the past decade, Carolina has trained hundreds of leaders on four continents on visionary leadership, change and business with purpose.

Carolyn Maddox

Associate, Board & Trustee

Carolyn serves on the LQ Advisory Board. She is also a Partner at Next Wave Partners, a UK-based private equity firm, and a Trustee with the Unicorn Theatre.

Chris Harrison


Chris designs and co-leads Quests. He is also Founder and Chairman of the charity, The Friends of Baale Mane.

Daniel Lobo


Daniel is based in India and designs Quests in India, Africa and China. He joined Leaders’ Quest in 2011 and is passionate about conscious leadership in organisations.

Daniel Ludevig


As a facilitator and coach, Daniel supports businesses to transform their culture, strategy, innovation, talent, and most importantly, leadership.

Danielle Levin

Programme Director

Danielle joined LQ in 2015 and is based in New York. Prior to this she worked at Bridgewater, a macro hedge fund as a team manager in its Research department.

Diane Richards

Operations Director

Diane joined Leaders’ Quest in 2002 and manages international Quests with her capable team. This allows her to use her worldwide events and IT experience, gained from IBM and the finance sector. 

Fiona Napier

Associate, Board & Trustee

Fiona has worked in Bangladesh, Iraq, Laos and South Africa in the non-profit sector. She was instrumental in setting up the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative and Ethical Trade Initiative.  

Flavio Stadnik


Flavio is based in Brazil and has 18 years’ experience in marketing and advertising. He helps companies and non-profit organisations with project management, fundraising and communications.

Harry Wheeler

Programme Manager

Harry relocated from London to the New York office in 2015 and is a Programme Manager. He has worked all over the world on projects relating to finance, tech and publishing.

Hetty Einzig


Hetty has been an executive coach, trainer and facilitator for over 20 years. She is passionate about helping individuals and organisations realise their potential through real action in the world.

Ipsita Bhatia

Programme Coordinator

Ipsita joined Leaders’ Quest in December 2016 as a Programme Coordinator. She holds an MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development from University College London (UCL).

Jade Phillips

Manager, Programmes Team

Jade joined in 2010 and has managed Quests in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. She also holds overall responsibility for managing the talented Quest programmes team.

James Laws

Trainee Accountant

James joined the LQ finance team in September 2016 as a Trainee Accountant. He looks after expense claims for LQ’s offices around the world – a job which involves a fair amount of ‘persuasion’.

Jamie Sargent

Finance Director

Jamie joined in 2015. His role encompasses cashflow management, budgeting for the London, New York and Mumbai offices, forecasting, and client programme-finance negotiations.

Jeff Hasenfratz


Jeff is based in Asia and is Director of Mindsight, a Shanghai-based executive coaching firm. His passion is helping organisational clients identify and develop the potential of senior teams.

Jennifer Greenway

Director, Legal and Risk

Jennifer brings twelve years’ experience in the commercial sector to her role overseeing our legal operations. She was closely involved in establishing LQ’s entities in Mumbai and New York.

Jeroen Drontmann


Jeroen is a consultant and executive coach focused on leadership and change across cultural boundaries. His passion is connecting people with themselves and others.

Jimmie Briggs


Jimmie is a documentary storyteller, writer and advocate for racial and gender equity in New York. He is also a professor in social change journalism at the International Center of Photography.

Jo Confino


Jo, based in New York City, is executive editor at Impact and Innovation, and editorial director of What’s Working at the Huffington Post, where he is developing a social impact team and leading on cu

Joanne Varghese

Programme Assistant

Joanne joined the team in October 2014. She gained her MA in Ancient Indian Culture and a post-graduate degree in Museology and Conservation.

Jos Schoenmaker


Jos has worked in Brazil since 1992 as an independent consultant in human and organisational development. His particular focus is leadership and sustainability within the social and business sectors.

Julia Mart


Julia is based in New York and has led Quests in Russia, Turkey, China, India, Brazil, the UK and the US. She is also Director of InterConnect Events, a company that creates world-class events.

Kate Watts

Programme Coordinator

Kate joined Leaders’ Quest in July 2017 as a Programme Coordinator in the New York office. She holds a degree in International Studies and Political Science from Fordham University.

Kathryn Hodnett


Kathryn runs a leadership development and coaching consultancy in the UK, working across the public, private and third sectors. Authentic leadership and trust are at the heart of her interventions. 

Kirstin Irving


Kirstin is an occupational psychologist with a special interest in enabling organisations to change for sustainable success. She has also run a consultancy working with leaders in Europe and US.

Kit Harford


Kit runs a successful franchise of English training schools in China’s Shandong province. There are now more than 1,500 students enrolled for weekend study.

Lisa Smith

Director, Partnerships and Development, Leaders’ Quest Foundation

Lisa is Director of the Leaders’ Quest Foundation, supporting and empowering grassroots leaders worldwide. She's also held various senior roles at CARE USA, People in Aid and has consulted for Oxfam.

Louise Smith


Louise works on a range of Quest written materials, primarily country briefing packs. She joined LQ in 2006 following seven happy years as an EA at McKinsey in London.

Mac Macartney


Mac is a social entrepreneur, author and speaker. He also founded the charity Embercombe, and has led leadership development businesses in the UK, Poland and Russia.

Marian Goodman


Marian is based in Cape Town and works globally. She is a leadership consultant to corporates, government and NGOs, with a keen interest in building authentic leadership and a healthy society.

Mei Gong

Executive Assistant to Lindsay Levin

Mei joined LQ in 2016 and is based in New York. She has over 30 years’ experience assisting C-level executives in bio-tech and financial services start-ups.

Melinda Weekes-Laidlow


Melinda Weekes-Laidlow is the President of Weekes In Advance Enterprises and a graduate Professor of Management at Marlboro College in Brattleboro, VT.

Mihika Tewari

Programme Director

Mihika joined the India team in 2014 and has worked on Quests in Mumbai, Johannesburg, Hong Kong and New York. She has a BA in History and Political Science from Montreal’s McGill University.

Natasha Khullar

Salesforce Assistant

Natasha joined Leaders’ Quest in August 2017 as Salesforce Assistant, based in Mumbai.

Natasha Parekh

Programme Director

Natasha joined in January 2013 and designs and delivers Quests all over the world. She was part of the Mumbai team for two and a half years before moving to Singapore.

Nicole Ng

Programme Manager for Future Stewards

Prior to joining LQ as Programme Manager for Future Stewards, Nicole worked for Action Against Hunger, ActionAid International, and other organisations in-line with her mission to drive social change.

Phyllida Hancock


Phyllida is a workshop designer and facilitator, focusing on leadership and organisational development.

Rebecca Sinclair


Rebecca's work with Leaders' Quest is centred around helping communities in her state of West Virginia.

Roni Rosenheimer


Based in London and Tel Aviv, Roni is Vice President at Shavit Capital where she focuses on investing in late-stage tech-based companies. Prior to this she worked for Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

Rowan Belchers


Rowan, based in Cape Town, has led Quests in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia and India. He is the Founder of Lockstep, which helps companies align their cultures with their business strategies.

Sarah Johnson

Programme Manager

Sarah joined LQ in January 2015. Before this she completed a Fellowship with Year Here, a postgraduate programme in social enterprise and leadership.

Sarah O'Reilly

Communications Manager

As a former speechwriter, Sarah has seen first-hand the impact of good leadership. She joined Leaders’ Quest in 2017, inspired by its mission to help leaders fulfil their purpose and potential.

Sasha Rodricks

Director, LQ India

Sasha joined the India team in September 2011 and now heads our India office. She has managed, designed and delivered Quests around the world.

Shashi Rajannah

Events and Logistics Assistant

With an undergraduate degree in Finance, Shashi is interested in creating sustainable economic and social change.

Sheila Surgey


Based in South Africa, Sheila focuses on catalysing positive change through driving an inclusive growth strategy in the business and non-profit sector.

Shirlee Harel


Shirlee, based in Jaffa-Tel Aviv, is Vice President of Partnerships at the Rashi Foundation, which develops solutions to create widespread change in Israel’s education and social welfare systems.

Shivi Dwivedi

Programme Manager

Shivi is based in our Mumbai office and helps to build and deliver Quests around the world.

Stuart Pickles


Stuart is an ex-CFO and spent 25 years in industry. He now runs a coaching business, Aim Higher Leadership, and is Director of LSP Leadership, which focuses on leadership and sustainable impact.

Sue Cheshire


Sue is an executive coach and passionate about exploring how business integrates ethics, inspiration and the bottom line. She is Co-Founder of Global Leaders Academy, a leadership community network.

Sukanya Kar

Salesforce Manager

Sukanya joined the Mumbai office in February 2013 and has become the company’s invaluable go-to Salesforce contact. She has a Masters in Social Work from Mumbai’s Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

Tim Reed


A behavioural ecologist by training, Tim’s “fourth life” involves independent consulting in the nexus of business and the environment.

Ulrich Nettesheim


Ulrich is passionate about transforming education to prepare emerging leaders in the technical disciplines. He is also an entrepreneur, having founded two successful businesses in the last ten years.

Wiebke Nedel


Wiebke is a freelance facilitator who focuses on personal and leadership development. She runs wilderness, social justice and conscious citizenship courses in South Africa for Educo Africa.

Worrin Muivah

Programme Coordinator

With over four years of experience in the non-profit sector, Worrin joined the Leaders' Quest India team in February 2018 as a Programme Coordinator.

Yapincak Erkan


Yapıncak founded Yasha Consulting and Training Services in 2013, offering clients strategic marketing, communications and CRM advice. She has 20 years’ corporate experience working on global brands.