“You’ve changed my life,” he said. He then proceeded to share the kind of radical shifts that happened in the months and years following his experience on a Quest led by Leaders’ Quest (LQ).

I’ve heard similar personal transformation stories at least 10 times from Quest alumni.

I’ve heard it from multinational CEOs, climate change agents, everyday citizens, nomadic adventurers, and everyone in between.

Some individuals found the courage to radically change the direction of their companies.

Some quit their jobs and switched careers.

Some shifted their gaze to assess how to best make a bigger contribution to the world.

What is a Quest?

Quests are immersive, unforgettable leadership development programs that achieve long-lasting results and prime organizations for the future. 

I had my first taste of Questing when I led one for a group of rising Partners at a major global consultancy in London. During the Quest, we visited Shashi Verma, the Chief Technology Officer at Transport for London. He’s the creative genius behind the Oyster Card, the largest smartcard-based ticketing system in the world.

The conversation was dynamic and inspiring. Partners were wide-eyed and fully immersed. It was amazing to witness.

Participants came away with significant insights. They learned the importance of values-led, visionary leadership and the conviction necessary to achieve paradigm shifts in complex systems. They also learned how large, multi-stakeholder public projects get done, especially how to enable leaders to confront blockages and overcome them.

My love for Quests was born that day.

What other topics can Quests cover?

Quests are designed to respond to any specific ambition or challenge a leadership team is facing. For example, during the 2023 TED Countdown Summit in Detroit, I led a Quest for 15 climate leaders to visit Walker Miller Energy Services (WME), one of the largest energy waste reduction companies in the U.S. 

WME is dedicated to advancing an inclusive transition to renewable energy by ensuring nobody is left behind in the electric vehicle revolution. WME focuses on recruiting and training a diverse workforce; advocacy for clean, renewable energy sovereignty in Detroit; and working in local communities to ensure all stakeholders are at the table when decisions are being made about their future.

We met founder/CEO Carla Walker-Miller and the company’s leaders to learn about multi-stakeholder community energy collaborations. Our time with Carla was especially meaningful, full of life, wisdom, and heart. Participants described how they were transformed and moved by Carla’s powerful stories of resilience, hope, and success.

One of Carla’s many memorable quotes from our conversation was, “Courage is a renewable resource!”

How does a Quest work?

A Quest is not just another leadership development program. A Quest provides learning, growth, and connection that set participants up to be effective leaders capable of motivating teams and helping their organization thrive via:

  • Active engagement: Learning in real-time, with hands-on experiences centered on achieving personal and organizational goals.
  • Real-world relevance: A front row view to the change and results you seek, with participants gaining immediate applicability as learning occurs.
  • Emotional connection: Come away moved and inspired, with memorable insights that support growth for years to come.
  • Multi-sensory learning: Visits contain visceral activities and experiences that engage multiple senses and reinforce learning.
  • Diverse perspectives: Engage with our global network of change-makers, from leaders of companies and communities, to entrepreneurs, academics and artists. 

More about Leaders’ Quest?

We’ve delivered 500+ leadership training programs around the world over more than 20 years.

LQ delivers a world-class level of facilitative genius applied to people and organizations in ways I’ve never seen before.

This is no ordinary c-suite advisory and executive coaching firm. I can brazenly say and with zero concern about it coming across as a sales pitch: LQ equips leaders to shape the future.

We’ve delivered Quests for some of the most successful, purposeful companies in the world, including Google, PwC, Bain & Co., PepsiCo, S&P, Daimler, CEMEX, HSBC, P&G, and many others.

Every leader I know deserves an LQ Quest experience.