Our Open Quests enable individuals to explore purpose, develop compassion and wisdom, and build new relationships with people from all walks of life.

Open Quests offer participants a deep immersion in different environments and cultures. We meet inspiring leaders who have a strong sense of purpose and are driving results. We engage in authentic conversations to understand different perspectives and gain insights – about ourselves and the world.

Our participants come from all continents and sectors of society – from senior leaders of multinational firms, NGOs, government, the arts and academia, to entrepreneurs, investors and grassroots organisers. We invite people who want to implement meaningful change.

“I have now been on three separate Quests to China, India, and Brazil. Each time, the experience deepens my appreciation of the role values play in shaping incredible leaders.”

Kimberly Freeman,

Regional Director

Southern California Gas Company

“A Quest gives you the confidence to really push the boundaries of comfort, how you think about yourself, your role in the world and what it takes to achieve the things you want to achieve.”

Peter Wheeler,

Former Executive Vice President

The Nature Conservancy

“I gained an understanding of leadership in life as opposed to just in business. I came to the realisation that I am only applying a small capacity of my energy and influence as a leader.”

Michelle Moore,



“I cannot recall a situation or time when I have learned so much, and enhanced my intuition even more so, over a period of just one week.”

John Studzinski,

Global Head, Corporate Advisory Services

Blackstone Group

“Leaders’ Quest paves the way for an opportunity to listen deeply to one another, and to reflect on who we are and our personal contribution to positive change in the world.”

NK Chaudhary,

Chairman and Managing Director

Jaipur Rugs

“One of the best investments in self-development of my life.”

Franco Furno,

Former CEO


The Quest experience

Quests take people out of their everyday environments to meet with leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, change-makers, academics and community organisers who are changing the world around them. The 5-day programme offers the chance to explore diverse perspectives on what’s important - with people whose views may challenge our own. Examples of visits include:

  • Spending time with local and multinational business leaders who are successfully combining profit with purpose.
  • Witnessing entrepreneurial organisations that are creating exceptional new business models.
  • Exploring big questions about the environment and society with local activists, politicians and academics.
  • Engaging with leaders in marginalised communities who are tackling poverty, exclusion and violence in innovative ways.

Our visits are interspersed with workshops and reflection sessions where we share insights, foster the emergence of new thinking and deepen relationships.

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