We collaborate with organisations and institutions to convene diverse stakeholders around systemic issues and generate shared purpose and action.

Current projects include:

  1. Building a regenerative future
  2. The future of financial services
  3. How key industries respond to climate change
  4. Feeding the world sustainably

We have a powerful and unique approach to systemic change, which includes:

  • Immersing people in the current realities of the system – experiencing the costs of dysfunction and exploring potential breakthrough solutions.
  • Deepening personal engagement, resourcefulness and agency.
  • Convening a space where diverse voices can be heard.
  • Facilitating visionary thinking and constructive dialogue between different perspectives.

“We came up with a tremendous amount of energy, many fresh connections, and new thinking that will be really helpful to us at the Rockefeller Foundation.”

Zia Khan,

Vice President for Strategy & Evaluation

The Rockefeller Foundation

Examples of our work in systemic change

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