Our Tools for Purpose equip your leaders with the practical knowledge and skills they need to understand – and navigate – a high-demand, complex world.

These tools are designed to help companies stay ahead, align purpose and profit with the needs of people and planet – and address some of today’s most pressing business topics:

  • Climate Made Clear – climate change, what it means for business, and how to respond to it
  • Regenerative Business – new approaches to business that will shape future success
  • Recharge and Perform – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy to build and sustain high performance in your business
  • Futures Toolbox – strategic tools to navigate future scenarios, drive innovation and deal with tough dilemmas 

“Suggesting that companies must choose between doing well and doing good is a false choice. Successful businesses can and must do both.”

Marc Benioff,

Chairman & Co-CEO


Climate Made Clear

Business has a major role to play in addressing the greatest single challenge of our generation – the climate crisis. Employees, customers, investors and regulators expect business leaders to find new, environmentally sustainable alternatives to create value and mitigate costs – even when the path is unclear.

Executives are being urged to understand climate change, why it’s happening and how fast. Climate Made Clear makes climate science accessible and shares proven case studies from companies leading the way.

With this module you will:

  • Understand the science, predicted consequences and tipping points of climate change.
  • Learn from companies that are mapping new opportunities, taking action and delivering results.
  • Explore the processes, targets and metrics that will drive sustainability and performance – in 2020 and beyond.

Regenerative Business

In a world with population approaching 8 billion people, traditional economic thinking and prevailing business models are becoming outdated. Powerful new ideas are spreading fast – from the circular economy to ambitious ESG.

A new generation of employees and customers expects business to be good for people and planet – while also delivering profit.

Regenerative Business offers a straightforward study of this emerging economic theory. It will help you identify the trends that matter most to your business, and focus on the shifts you need to make to be ahead of the curve. This tailored workshop enables you to:

  • Make sense of regenerative thinking. Understand why it matters and where your business sits in the new economic landscape.
  • Build your own playbook to thrive in a world of intensifying – and competing – stakeholder demands.
  • Explore the metrics leading companies are adopting – and how to integrate them to deliver on your strategy.

Recharge and Perform

Healthy habits enable peak performance. A culture that prioritises wellbeing will facilitate the sustainable delivery of a company’s vision and strategy.

Recharge and Perform workshops lay the ground for sustainable high performance in your organisation. Using a user-friendly diagnostic tool, Recharge offers individuals fast, powerful insight to manage and optimise personal energy and performance.

Individuals and teams can expect this module to:

  • Establish baseline awareness of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy.
  • Diagnose key areas of focus for the organisation to cultivate high performing, happy, purposeful people.
  • Encourage deeper work into personal practices to improve energy levels.

Futures Toolbox

What does it take to be a visionary leader in the 21st century?

Our Futures Toolbox is focused on two powerful, yet simple, tools developed by some of the world’s leading Futures practitioners.

  • Three Horizons – equips leaders to explore alternative visions for the future, and different pathways to get there.
  • Dilemma Thinking – offers an elegant – and fast – way to evaluate tough conflicts and trade-offs and create new options to address them.

This combination of new thinking prepares you to:

  • Adopt new ways of listening to diverse perspectives – to balance the pressures of today with the shifts of tomorrow.
  • Apply new thinking to live business issues – and leave with practical, actionable commitments
  • Develop shared language to build team effectiveness and impact. 

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