Purpose is a new must for winning the future.

Advance alignment and agility. 63% of senior executives say a sense of purpose helps them innovate and respond to disruption. (Economist Intelligence Unit &EY)

• Build stakeholder trust. More than 60% of global consumers prefer to buy from companies that stand for a purpose that reflects their own values – and will avoid companies that don’t. (Accenture Strategy)

• Attract and retain talent. 80% of millennials will chose to stay with employers that are driven by more than profit. (Deloitte)

• Drive high performance. Companies which clearly communicate purpose to middle managers have financial and stock market out-performance. (Gartenberg et al, Harvard Business School)

We help you get there.

We match our modules, deep bench of experts, tools and innovative processes to your needs.

  • Why purpose matters – new evidence and examples.
  • Global context – why genuine purpose is fast becoming a requirement.
  • Roots – your company history and DNA. What made you great?
  • Who you are – stakeholder assessment.
  • The Big Question – Is your purpose fit for purpose?
  • Upping your ambition – a participative process to engage all your people.
  • Moving to action – make your purpose viral across your organisation.

“What we have is the opportunity not just to change a measure or a metric, but actually influence the destinies of people. The suppliers we use, the products we build, the way we source talent into the organisation. It should permeate all of our activities and operations.”

Senior executive,


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