Future-fit business needs leaders ready to embrace disruption.

We facilitate the transformation needed to succeed as a conscious business. 

  • Best Self Leadership. The building blocks of high performance.
  • Recharge. Optimise your energy levels to build and sustain high performance.
  • Resilient responses. Techniques to adapt and thrive – regardless of the challenge.
  • Future-fit leadership. Essential skills and how they can be cultivated in a world of increasing complexity and competing stakeholder demands.
  • Winning the future. Dilemma-thinking to identify business opportunities in tackling the planet’s greatest challenges.
  • Climate Made Clear. The science and insight needed to figure out what is most relevant to your business.
  • Regenerative Business. Emerging approaches to business and metrics to define future success.
  • Inclusive cultures. Tools to bring all voices to a conversation – and enhance your team’s performance and efficiency.
  • 360 assessments. Individual and team assessments and coaching.

We think of you before we think of formats. 

One size doesn't fit all. Workshops can be delivered virtually, in person, or by blending both. We work collaboratively with you to achieve the perfect balance between on- and offline.

“A complete transformational experience for me – fundamentally challenged my own notion of articulating the vision, knowing the path, and pursuing it.”

Senior Leader,

Global tech company

Best Self Leadership

  • Hone your values and mindset to steer yourself and your organisation effectively.
  • Learn how to show up differently and unlock potential in others.
  • Harvest empathy and trust – break silos, work collaboratively and effectively navigate complexity.


  • Establish baseline awareness of mental, physical and spiritual energy.
  • Identify key areas of focus to cultivate high-performing happy, purposeful people.
  • Look deeply at personal practices that improve your energy levels.

Resilient responses

  • Learn how to manage individual, team and organisational responses to change.
  • Adopt techniques to cultivate greater trust, safety and resilience within the system – to help your teams adapt and thrive, come what may.

Futures Toolbox

Futures Toolbox brings together two powerful tools developed by some of the world’s leading Futures practitioners.

Future-fit leadership

  • Develop greater agency, awareness and fluency about emerging trends that impact you and your business.
  • Practice applying tools to make strategic choices on system-wide issues.
  • Walk away with a deep capacity to navigate your changing landscape.

Winning the future

  • Evaluate tough conflicts and trade-offs.
  • Swap habitual patterns for original problem-solving and innovation.
  • Develop shared language to build team effectiveness and impact.

Climate Made Clear

  • Understand the science, predicted consequences and tipping points.
  • Learn from companies mapping new opportunities, taking action and delivering results.
  • Explore the processes, targets and metrics that will drive sustainability and performance.

Regenerative Business

  • Why does it matter and where does your business sit int the new economic landscape?
  • Build your own playbook to thrive in a world of intensifying – and competing – stakeholder demands.
  • Explore the metrics leading companies are adopting – and how to integrate them to deliver on your strategy.

Inclusive cultures

  • Build trust, empathy and understanding in teams.
  • Have frank conversations around dynamics in your team – and devise solutions to issues.
  • Leave with easy-to-apply tools for inclusive, productive team dynamics.

360 Assessments

  • Gain deep insight into your behaviour and what is driving it.
  • Understand reactive tendencies – the self-limiting patterns that hold us back.
  • Explore creative competencies – how to achieve results, bring out the best in others, lead with vision, enhance your development and improve systems across your organisation.

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