Central to our work is experiential learning.

We disrupt leaders' usual ways of thinking and acting through Quests. 

A Quest takes leaders to unfamiliar environments to change how they see the world and their role in it.

In our Quests, we bring together business and local leaders from different walks of life to exchange their stories – and learn from each others' perspectives.

What is a host?

Hosts are local leaders we partner with on Quests, and beyond.

They range from change-makers to corporate activists, executives, innovators, artists, activists, entrepreneurs and grassroots organisers.

We design each Quest visit in partnership with our hosts and are committed to creating a mutually beneficial conversation.

Quest visits include deep dialogue and hands-on experiences that bring fresh perspectives and challenge all of us to think differently about the world and our role in it.

“With the work we do with LQ, there is something qualitatively different about people who come at you – not to hear a description, but to understand more about how you do it. It's refreshing and challenging.”

NGO host,


How we partner with hosts

We've learned that meaningful partnerships are rooted in mutuality.

Through the Leaders’ Quest Foundation, we nurture and give back to our host communities. We have developed a partnership offering to add value to the work our hosts are doing in their communities. This includes:

  • Co-creating meaningful Quest visits
  • Open Quest Scholarships
  • Virtual training sessions
  • Pro-bono workshops
  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Connecting hosts with resources and partners
  • Amplifying their work 

“More than anything, it's been a combination of connections made and the opportunity for me to experience people from different parts of the world.”

Business host,


Our principles of engagement

  • Transformation. We seek engagement with partners who don’t accept business as usual and view change as an imperative.
  • Diverse voices. We draw out diverse voices and ensure they're heard respectfully.
  • Trust. We work to build trust with our partners and clients, and recognise that it is hard won and quickly lost.
  • Mutuality. We always look for ways for everyone, regardless of status, to talk and listen, teach and learn, give and receive.
  • Advocacy. We’re professional, independent and open-minded, but we aren’t neutral. We recognise that different groups have a role to play, and we’re pro-civil society, pro-business, pro-NGO and pro-activist. We don’t think that any single entity, ourselves included, has all the answers.
  • Realism. We know that change is difficult and often takes time. We hold ourselves accountable, are fully committed, learn from failure, and know that there are many paths to great outcomes.
  • Partnership. We are partners with our hosts and clients, rather than transactional suppliers. We build long-lasting relationships driven by impact.

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