Our core team is global and eclectic – drawn from many backgrounds and cultures. We are united as passionate humanists.

CEO and Founder

Lindsay Levin

CEO and Founder, UK and US Foundation Trustee

Lindsay works with leaders and organisations on their role in the world, values and culture change.

Managing Partners

Giles Goodhead

Co-Managing Partner

Giles, based in Berkeley, has led over 40 Quests around the world. He develops programmes for companies that inspire innovation, disruption and creativity.

Jayma Pau

Co-Managing Partner

Jayma designs and delivers programmes for multinational clients across a range of sectors. Inside LQ, she leads people and talent, programme operations and global resourcing.


Anne Wade


Anne brings to Leaders' Quest her extensive expertise from two decades as a top asset manager and in corporate boardrooms. She focuses on the positive role that business can play in society.

Annie Perrin


Annie joined Leaders’ Quest in 2017 as a Partner, based in New York. She is a lifelong student of human behaviour and interpersonal dynamics.

Bill Sharpe


Bill Sharpe is an independent futures practitioner and researcher in science, technology and society.

Carolina Moeller


Over the past decade, Carolina has trained hundreds of leaders on four continents on visionary leadership, change and business with purpose.

Darya Shaikh


Darya, based in New York, joined LQ in 2014. She spent the previous decade with the multi-national PeaceWorks Foundation and OneVoice Movement, serving as its first Executive Director and COO.

Eric Levine


Eric has led Quests in finance, professional services, education, and technology.

Fields Wicker-Miurin


Fields joined LQ as a partner in 2002. Dedicated to being a ‘good ancestor’, she tries to lead from the boardroom and currently serves on the group boards of BNP Paribas, Prudential plc and Scor.

Gene Early


Gene hosted the original Quest to Silicon Valley and has co-led numerous Quests since. His PhD is in leadership and organisational development and his passion is to catalyse transformation.

Hendrik-Jan Laseur


Hendrik-Jan is based in Lisbon. His firm, Lead the Change, works with clients to connect purpose, vision and approach through strategy consulting, workshop-facilitation and coaching. 

Jo Confino


Jo Confino is an executive coach, facilitator, journalist, sustainability expert and Zen mindfulness practitioner.

Jodi Kamming

Partner & Chief Financial Officer

Jodi joined us as CFO in August 2017, overseeing LQ’s finances. She has spent the past decade gaining leadership experience in the private and non-profit sectors.

Justin Forsyth


Justin brings strategy and communications experience to his role at Leaders' Quest.

Kenzie Lau-Kwong


Kenzie has worked at LQ since 2005, leading and supporting programmes worldwide. She runs her own consulting practice, Kenn & K Consulting, specialising in organisational and leadership development.

Melanie Jamieson


Melanie designs and delivers Quests, and plays a key role working with organisations on journeys of transformation – supporting leaders to create purposeful cultures.

Melanie Katzman


Melanie has been with Leaders' Quest since 2005, and led multiple Quests across the world. She is a #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author.

Rachel Parikh


Rachel leads much of our work in Silicon Valley. Rachel is passionate about culture change and pioneering new ways of helping people re-connect with their values and increase their impact.

Sayo Ayodele


Sayo has designed and delivered Quests in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia, and played a key role in our BankingFutures initiative to create a better UK banking system.

Simon Hampel


Simon works with global organisations to help catalyse the transformational change required to meet today’s challenges.

Global team

Abby Barton


Abby is an executive coach and strategic consultant with a strong commercial and leadership background.

Alexa Firmenich


Alexa is passionate about bridging worlds through direct experiences. She co-founded Atlas Unbound, which designs learning journeys into the wilderness and other natural settings.

Anisha Saraf

Count Us In Project Manager

Anisha is passionate about the social sector, and about bringing profit and purpose together.

Anjali Dwesar

Events and Partnerships Manager

Anjali was drawn to LQ’s close-knit culture and the chance to change the world for the better.

Antwan Saca


Antwan has spent his adult life working towards the dream of peace and justice in the Holy Land.

Ashley Clark


Ashley’s work as an advisor and trainer revolves around multinational leadership – helping people see differently. At LQ she has worked in India, China, South Africa, the US, and Israel/Palestine.

Beth McNamee

Design and Innovation Director

Beth focuses on developing innovative and scalable offerings for our clients.

Bhushan Rane

Information Systems Coordinator

Bhushan was drawn to LQ by the chance to play his part in creating a more sustainable world.

Chris McGee


Chris is an LQ Associate based in Stockholm, Sweden. He is passionate about facilitating programmes that enable individuals to become more present, full-hearted, effective leaders.

Christina Yin

Programme Manager

Christina joined in August 2018. An inveterate bridge-builder, she’s excited to contribute to LQ’s work by encouraging understanding and empathy between diverse groups.

Dana Asher


Dana works with individuals and teams to augment personal and institutional development by integrating the body, heart, mind, and soul.

Daniel Lobo


Daniel has had a longstanding relationship with Leaders' Quest, having led our Mumbai office, where he built a strong local team to deliver a wide range of global programmes.

Daniela Tejada

Communications Director

Daniela has worked extensively in communications. Her passion for policy and international development are the pillars of her day-to-day.

Ilanna Villagran

Programme Coordinator

Illana supports the delivery of our Quests and virtual programmes, inspired by her passion to create bridges and avenues for participation between communities and leaders.

Ipsita Bhatia

Count Us In Partnerships Manager

Ipsita works as Count Us In Partnerships Manager, where she plays a pivotal role in the implementation of the campaign's ambitious strategy.

Jennifer Greenway

Legal and Risk Director

Jennifer brings 12 years’ experience in the commercial sector to her role overseeing our legal operations. She was closely involved in establishing LQ’s entities in Mumbai and New York.

Jimmie Briggs


Jimmie is a documentary storyteller, writer and advocate for racial and gender equity in New York. He is also a professor in social change journalism at the International Center of Photography.

Jonny Wates


Jonny is a social entrepreneur, committed to mitigating the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss on humanity and planet earth.

Kathryn Hodnett


Kathryn runs a leadership development and coaching consultancy in the UK, working across the public, private and third sectors. Authentic leadership and trust are at the heart of her interventions. 

Kiran Gandhi

Finance Manager

Kiran works in our Mumbai office as Finance Manager.

Kirstin Irving


Kirstin is an occupational psychologist with a special interest in enabling organisations to change for sustainable success. She has also run a consultancy working with leaders in Europe and US.

Kit Harford


Kit runs a successful franchise of English training schools in China’s Shandong province. There are now more than 1,500 students enrolled for weekend study.

Marian Goodman


Marian is based in Cape Town and works globally. She is a leadership consultant to corporates, government and NGOs, with a keen interest in building authentic leadership and a healthy society.

Max Metcalfe


Max has worked and lived in North America, Europe and Asia. Max is passionate about helping others to develop self-awareness, cultivate their leadership skills, and develop a broader world view.

Mei Gong

US Operations Director & EA to Lindsay Levin

Mei joined LQ in 2016 after 30 years spent assisting C-level execs of bio-tech and financial services start-ups. In early 2019 she became US Operations Director.

Mihika Tewari


Mihika joined the India team in 2014 and is now based in our New York office. She has a keen curiosity about organisational behaviour and leadership, and their role in systemic change.

Molly Barker


Molly is a successful non-profit entrepreneur who helps people realise their potential to change the world.

Natasha Parekh


Natasha joined in January 2013 and designs and delivers programmes all over the world. She was part of the Mumbai team for two and a half years before moving to Singapore.

Neethi Ravindran

Finance Manager

Neethi, our Finance Manager, worked in finance in Cochin, Mumbai and Dubai before joining LQ in late 2019.

Nicole Ng

Chief of Staff

Nicole is Chief of Staff to Lindsay Levin

Phyllida Hancock


Phyllida is a workshop designer and facilitator, focusing on leadership and organisational development.

Rebecca Sinclair


Rebecca's work with Leaders' Quest is centred around helping communities in her state of West Virginia.

Rhiannon Ledger

EA to Nigel Topping

Rhiannon has been seconded as EA to Nigel Topping. She enjoys working with diverse teams from around the globe and enhancing the impact of business on people, place and planet.

Roni Rosenheimer


Based in London and Tel Aviv, Roni is Venture Partner at Shavit Capital where she focuses on investing in late-stage tech-based companies. Prior to this she worked for Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

Rosa Sommer


Rosa works on a range of Future Stewards projects, as well as several social change initiatives.

Rowan Belchers


Rowan, based in Cape Town, has led Quests in Africa, Latin America and India. He is the Founder of Lockstep, which helps companies align culture with business strategy.

Sarah Johnson


Sarah joined LQ in January 2015. Before this she completed a Fellowship with Year Here, a postgraduate programme in social enterprise and leadership.

Sasha Rodricks


Sasha co-leads our India office and is involved with operations and people development across the organisation.

Sheila Surgey


Based in South Africa, Sheila focuses on catalysing positive change through driving an inclusive growth strategy in the business and non-profit sector.

Shirlee Harel


Shirlee, based in Jaffa-Tel Aviv, is Executive Director of the Clore Israel Foundation, which supports education, welfare and cultural projects across Israel, for all sectors of the population.

Shivani Rudra

Partnerships Coordinator

Shivani, Partnerships Coordinator in our Mumbai office, was drawn to LQ by her belief that sustainable, equitable change is possible

Sofia Fernandez


Sofia has extensive experience in the banking sector with a great passion for establishing meaningful human connections through coaching.

Stuart Pickles


Stuart is an ex-CFO and spent 25 years in industry. He now runs a coaching business, Aim Higher Leadership, and is Director of LSP Leadership, which focuses on leadership and sustainable impact.

Sukanya Kar

Information Systems Manager

Sukanya joined the Mumbai office in February 2013. She has a Masters in Social Work from Mumbai’s Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

Tim Reed


A behavioural ecologist by training, Tim’s “fourth life” involves independent consulting in the nexus of business and the environment.

Wiebke Nedel


Wiebke is a freelance facilitator who focuses on personal and leadership development. She runs wilderness, social justice and conscious citizenship courses in South Africa for Educo Africa.

Foundation Trustees

Carolyn Maddox

Chair LQ Foundation

Carolyn is Chair of the Leaders' Quest Foundation. She is currently an independent consultant providing mentoring and strategic advice to leaders in private equity and entrepreneurs.

Chris Harrison

UK Foundation Trustee

Chris is a trustee of the Leaders' Quest Foundation. He is also Founder and Chairman of the charity, The Friends of Baale Mane.

Fiona Napier

UK Foundation Trustee

Fiona is a trustee of the Leaders' Quest Foundation, and lives and works as an independent consultant in Nairobi.

Julie Hill

US Foundation Trustee

Julie Hill, based in Southern California and London, is an experienced international board member, philanthropist and social activist.

Lindsay Levin

CEO and Founder, UK and US Foundation Trustee

Lindsay works with leaders and organisations on their role in the world, values and culture change.

Marcus Lyon

UK Foundation Trustee

Marcus is a British artist and social entrepreneur. He studied political science at Leeds University and leadership at Harvard Business School, and is the founder of the Human Atlas projects.

Ninan Chacko

US Foundation Trustee

Based in New York, Ninan is a Senior Advisor to McKinsey.


Andy Rubin


Andy is Chairman of Pentland Brands, a family-owned brand management company operating in sports and fashion. He is the third generation to lead the business.

Anuradha Bajaj

Ambassador and Fellowship Advisor

Anu is a passionate champion of the rights of girls and women and a believer in developing grassroots-based youth leaders to effect social change.

Brigitte Lemercier


Brigitte is the Founder of NB Lemercier & Associés, a leadership consulting firm launched in 2006. She started her career as a banker after holding several roles at a global executive search company.

Christiana Figueres

Future Stewards Founding Partner

Christiana campaigns for social and environmental change. As a former UN Climate Change Chief, she helped to negotiate the Paris Agreement.

Gopal Jain


Gopal, based in Mumbai, has hosted and participated in many Quest visits in his home city, China and the UK. He is Managing Partner of Gaja Capital, which invests in high-growth businesses.

Isaac 'Yitz' Applbaum


Yitz is Chief Evangelist for Radius Corporation, a predictive marketing company for small and medium businesses. He’s also Senior Advisor to the Mayor of Jerusalem for Public Private Partnerships.

Kalpana Kar

Ambassador and Fellowship Advisor

Kalpana is Co-Founder of the Bangalore Agenda Task Force, a private-public partnership between civil society and the Karnataka government. It tackles issues such as health, roads and urban planning.

Katie Denning


Katie spent close to 20 years in the City of London, working for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. She's particularly interested in the impact of consumer choices and the Fast Fashion sector.

Kimberly Freeman


Lifelong education and leadership development are top priorities for Kimberly. Her vision is to achieve representational diversity and create an inclusive culture for faculty, students and staff.

Luis Miranda

Ambassador and Fellowship Advisor

Luis Miranda, Chairman of the Centre for Civil Society and CORO, was previously involved in setting up HDFC Bank and IDFC Private Equity.

Nick Keppel-Palmer


Nick works with ambitious new businesses seeking to make a big difference.

Nigel Topping

Future Stewards Founding Partner

Nigel is the UK High Level Climate Action Champion to lead the delivery of a successful UN Climate Change Conference on November 2021 in Glasgow.

Paul Fletcher


Paul, formerly Chairman of Actis, has a wealth of experience in financial services, emerging markets and the private equity industry.

Pradeep Kar


Pradeep is a well-known technology entrepreneur in India and Founder of Microland, a leading outsourcing company for IT infrastructure in Bangalore.

Suzanne Gowler


Suzanne is an entrepreneur and independent advisor. She works on strategies across governments, global businesses and social enterprises to help clients deliver social impact with financial value. 

Tom Rivett-Carnac

Future Stewards Founding Partner

Tom brings 20 years' experience of working at the intersections of international diplomacy, policy and climate change across sectors.