Changing mindsets with a global tech firm

Client stories

03 September 2018

Since 2017, we have worked with a major tech company to help its high-performing Directors and Vice Presidents navigate complexity – and think more critically and creatively about its role in the world. Together, we have designed provocative immersion programmes to help leaders:

  • Develop self-awareness and the capacity to connect with others.
  • Navigate a complex, fast-changing world and think systemically.
  • Connect to a sense of purpose, gain a holistic view of the company’s vision, and become aware of ‘limiting’ beliefs.
  • Deepen relationships and broaden perspectives.

To date, we’ve delivered programmes in different regions of the USA, the Middle East and India, for cohorts of 13 to 37 participants.

What we do

Our programmes blend exciting visits, leadership workshops and deep reflection sessions. Small groups (8 to 10 people) spend time with groundbreaking business and community organisations to hear, and share, powerful leadership stories – and explore tough questions about purpose and priorities. Unfamiliar surroundings are a key part of the mix – taking participants outside of their everyday lives to experience those of people from different backgrounds. Workshops used our Best Self model, to help participants tap into their own strengths – and learn how to unlock those of their team.


Participant feedback scored an average of 4.5 out of 5 for the statement “I am a more effective leader as a result of this programme.”  Testimonials include:

“This was the most powerful personal and professional development experience I've ever had. I am a different leader now than I was before I showed up on the programme.”

“This is a life changing experience that really pushes you to think about your responsibility as an individual and as a company… Very powerful learning and reflecting.”

“Earth shatteringly amazing. Once again, I watched a group become more present, more empathic and more thoughtful and brave in declaring actions and next steps. I think this programme will further create the transformative leaders we need."