Join our Future Stewards London training in February 2020


05 August 2019

We're pleased to offer another Future Stewards training opportunity, from 10 to 13 February 2020 in London (UK).

This training is for leaders and facilitators who are committed to building a regenerative future - and invested in the personal 'inner work' required to transform the systems around us.

It is designed to equip participants to better address complex problems. It will blend tools for systems transformation with a focus on leadership and personal growth.

The program will be facilitated by future practitioner Bill Sharpe, together with colleagues from Leaders’ Quest.

Together, we'll deeply engage with frameworks and methodologies that enable future consciousness and regenerative action.

What you'll learn

Systems transformation 

• Three Horizons tools as a practice for integrating multiple perspectives, priorities and time horizons. 

• How to work with dilemmas and find pathways forward. 

• Identify and foster transformative innovations to deliver lasting change. 

Leadership and personal growth 

• Best self leadership: a simple, powerful model built on decades of work by developmental psychologists, philosophers and thought leaders. 

• Focus on purpose, inner-alignment, compassion and being open to change. 

• Build capacity to foster deep collaboration and trust. 

• Understand our impact on others and how we can be the best version of ourselves more of the time.

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