Investing in LQ’s global communities

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Darya Shaikh

03 December 2019

Darya Shaikh , a Leaders' Quest Partner, first encountered LQ some 15 years ago, when she was working in Israel and Palestine. She says: "Our work is bigger than any one organisation, any one leader. The power of our partnerships – our ability to collaborate – is essential as we strive to transform the worlds around us."

A personal resilience workshop in Mexico City for 200 education leaders. Capacity-building training to support Palestinian grassroots leaders. Time with the members of the Chance for Life program at Detroit’s Macomb Correctional Facility. A coaching initiative for a local host network, in partnership with a Big Four consultancy client. A Community Quest for 30 partners across New York, London and Detroit.

These are just a few of the LQ community initiatives underway.

In 2019 alone, we’ve run programmes across 14 locations and engaged 350 hosts –195 from the NGO or civil society sector. 

For years, we’ve referred to our network of 5,000+ host partners – the people and organisations who host us on Quests – as members of the LQ Community. But this incredible group is actually made up of diverse communities around the world – and we’re privileged to be able to step into these communities and partner with them.

This year, we’ve taken stock of our impact, to figure out where, as a social enterprise, we can nurture our partnerships.

We’ve spoken to hosts and – in response to their feedback – we’re excited to share ways in which we can give something back. These include:

  • Open Quest scholarships.
  • Virtual training sessions.
  • Pro-bono workshops.
  • Coaching and mentorship.
  • Connecting hosts with resources and partners.
  • Amplifying host work through our website and social media. 

Developing partnerships across these LQ communities drives our impact.

To fulfil our shared mission – to build a more inclusive, sustainable world – we are committed to supporting our hosts.

To learn and share more about how we partner with host organisations, please contact