Leaders Link

01 April 2020

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6 August

Carla Walker-Miller and Kim Freeman

6 August 2020. Carla and Kimberly have challenged a historically discriminatory system through their professional achievement in the energy and education sectors, and through their determination to foster talent from diverse backgrounds in their practices. How can we embed equity in society starting by our own nucleus?

30 July

Madeline McCanney, Thomas Adams and Jessica Taylor

30 July 2020. African Americans are incarcerated in state prisons across the US 5 times the rate of whites. and Chance for Life help former and current prisoners navigate re-entry into civilian life. They’re transforming local prison systems and reshaping full communities. How can we effectively fight racism - and fix a broken criminal justice system?

20 July

Damien Howard

20 July 2020. Damien is the creator of a national conversation series called Diverse by Design. For more than 19 years, he’s partnered with communities and companies to drive and sustain diverse workforces. What cultural shifts do we need – inside and outside the office – to put diversity and inclusion at the heart of what we do?

13 July

James Harding

13 July 2020. James is the former Director of BBC News and Current Affairs. Prior to this, he was the Editor of The Times. His 2018 venture, Tortoise Media, aims to build a different type of newsroom, for slower, wiser news. In a context of global crisis, what are the trends that stand out for James? Where should we focus our attention and what are the opportunities we need to grasp to make the best of this moment?

25 June

Wendy Kopp

25 June 2020. Wendy founded Teach for America in 1989. In 2007, she expanded her vision and reach by co-founding Teach For All – a global network of independent organisations that today operate in schools across 53 countries. We learnT what Wendy means by collective leadership and explore her team’s vision to develop leadership with classrooms and communities. We discussed her entrepreneurial spirit and why she’s as excited as ever about the opportunity to build a better future for all.

23 June

James Feagin

23 June 2020. James is a valued member of the Leaders’ Quest community, based in Detroit. His company, projects+PEOPLE, builds platforms for economic mobility, creating sustainable equity and strengthening the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. We learnt about James’ story – and discussed the shifts needed to make to change the world around us. What is our personal role in addressing racism and systemic inequality?

11 June 2020

Ashok Vaswani

11 June 2020. The uncertain global outlook is prompting leaders to take a long look at how they relate to their stakeholders, including the community. In his decade-long career at Barclays, Ashok Vaswani has led his organisation and teams through critical times, being a co-architect of the bank’s shared value agenda, designed to drive growth by including a genuine social programme in its core strategy. Ashok shares his own journey of transformation – and what he’s focused on now as he balances urgent short-term priorities in a time of crisis, with a vision for the long term.

4 June 2020

Virginie Helias

4 June 2020. Virginie is P&G’s first Chief Sustainability Officer the driving force for integrating sustainability into the business plans of her company and its brands. A pioneer in reshaping business for our times, she shares what she’s most excited about, what keeps her up at night and her personal passion for the work. How can companies change business for the better, and what breakthroughs are needed to make significant impact?

28 May 2020

Melanie Katzman

28 May 2020. Melanie’s #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Connect First: 52 Simple Ways to Ignite Success, Meaning and Joy at Work, demonstrates how small, intentional displays of humanity amplify personal and organisational success, and set the stage for social change. COVID-19 has disrupted – and highlighted – our irrepressible desire for connection. How do we nurture this need and emerge even stronger in a post pandemic world?

19 May 2020

Rebecca Henderson

19 May 2020. Free market capitalism is one of humanity’s greatest inventions and the greatest source of prosperity the world has ever seen. But this success has been costly and we’re running out of time to act. Rebecca’s new book, Reimagining Capitalism, debunks the worldview that the only purpose of business is to make money and maximise shareholder value. How does the capitalism of the future look – and how is it already being reimagined by businesses?

6 May 2020

Jacqueline Novogratz

6 May 2020. Jacqueline is a global pioneer in impact investing, a best-selling author, and has been described by Forbes as one of the World’s 100 Greatest Living Business Minds. Her latest book, Manifesto for a Moral Revolution, divulges the most common leadership hurdles and the mindsets needed to rise above them. How can today’s leaders navigate the global challenges that have stymied generations of change-makers who came before?

27 April 2020

Jo Confino

27 April 2020. There’s a saying that 95% of people try to change the world and only 5% try to change themselves. Jo, an influential journalist focusing on sustainability for the past 40 years, and a long-time student of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, shares his reflections on the coronavirus pandemic: a powerful destructive force that can also be seen as a great teacher - helping us individually and collectively to Wake Up to see the world with fresh eyes.

22 April 2020

Nigel Topping

22 April 2020. The 2020 UN Global Climate Conference (COP26), will be the most important climate discussions since the Paris Agreement – a major test of the world’s resolve and capacity to address climate change. COP26, taking place in Glasgow, has been postponed into 2021 due to COVID-19. Nigel shares the opportunity he sees to raise global ambition at a time of global uncertainty and heightened awareness of our own inter-dependence and fragility. What are Nigel’s hopes for Glasgow?

14 April 2020

Sujata Kahndekar and Luis Miranda (CORO)

14 April 2020. Luis Miranda and Sujata Khandekar from Indian NGO, CORO describe the unfolding crisis in India as COVID-19 takes hold and daily wage labourers are left with no safety net – and how CORO is responding. How do grassroots communities support one another in a time of crisis – what’s the source of their resilience and what can we learn from that?

7 April 2020

Tom Carnac

7 April 2020. Tom Carnac, co-architect of the Paris Climate Agreement and author of The Future We Choose, talks about why 2020 continues to be rich in opportunities. Why is this the moment, amidst the crisis of COVID-19, to step forward with confidence and courage, and tackle the greatest challenges of our generation?