Leaders’ Quest at The Conduit:  Build Back Better - the future of leadership

Leaders on leadership

Melanie Jamieson

20 April 2020

LQ Partner, Melanie Jamieson, joined The Conduit Club’s Co-Founder, Paul van Zyl, for a discussion on future leadership.

As much of the world’s population strives to adapt to life under lockdown, thoughts turn to the future of global leadership, post-COVID-19.

In response to Conduit audience questions, Melanie shares some of the key insights she’s gained from working with LQ clients.

  • What’s the secret to difficult leadership (facing up to short-term costs in pursuit of long-term benefits)? 
  • What’s the role of education in shaping future leaders? 
  • Emotional intelligence  – the balance between strength and vulnerability. 
  • Systems thinking – a key component of successful leadership.