​‘The way we show up is the essence of leadership’​: Lindsay Levin at Shared Value

Lindsay Levin

19 June 2018

LQ CEO and Founder, Lindsay Levin, spoke at the 2018 Shared Value Leadership Summit on how connecting with our shared humanity is at the core of effective leadership.

She said: "We live in an amazing world. Often, we have the solutions we’re looking for. Much of the technology we need to address the environmental and social challenges is sitting there, in front of our noses.

In my experience, what often stands in the way is us - people. Our fear of change and disruption, the feeling that if we share something there may be less for us, of being overwhelmed by complexity and the pace of change and, above all, a lack of connection to other people and also ourselves – to what it is to be human.

For me, the business of how we show up – the mindset we bring, our openness to new ideas – this kind of deep personal work is the essence of leadership in a world where we're trying to create shared value. How we energize ourselves around that, the few moments we take each day, the way we get up in the morning in order to go and make a difference.

One of the things we talk about at Leaders’ Quest is love – not always easy in a boardroom. Because it starts with taking care of ourselves. Reconnecting to the reasons we do this kind of work – and our shared humanity – is hugely valuable in being able to have yet more impact.”

Watch her speech in full: