Meet members of the LQ community who are inspiring inclusion

To mark International Women’s Day and embrace its theme of ‘Inspiring Inclusion’ we’re sharing the stories of five amazing women from the Leaders’ Quest community.

Renewable energy systems and community empowerment

Dr. Arwen Colell is an energy policy specialist, and Co-Founder and CPO at decarbon1ze GmbH

Arwen discusses the importance of educating and empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their energy consumption and to encourage community participation in building a resilient energy system.

Empowering marginalized leaders

Shivani Mehta is, Executive Director at CORO INDIA

Shivani talks about CORO’s mission to create a world free from discrimination and marginalization, emphasizing their efforts towards inclusivity and promoting leadership from within marginalized communities.

Artivism and immigration

Rosalia Torres Weiner is an artivist at Red Calaca Studio

Rosalia explains her work which combines art and activism to document the stories of underrepresented communities. She emphasizes the importance of her work in telling the stories of others in order to broaden people’s perspectives.

Transformational thinking in prisons

Jessica Taylor is Executive Director at Chance for Life

Jessica discusses her work at Chance for Life, where she and her team teaches transformational thinking inside prisons with the aim of effecting systemic change in communities and systems.

Women’s rights and the untapped potential of seaweed

Gudrun Hallgrímsdóttir had a long career in Icelandic politics, and worked at the United Nations UNIDO in Vienna.

Gudrun talks about her research into Icelandic seaweed and its potential to revolutionize nutrition and medicine, alongside how her activism has helped to shape national policy for the benefit of women.

Reducing carbon footprint and promoting inclusion

Natalie Kind is  founder of Dunamis Clean Energy Partners

Natalie shares the company’s mission and its commitment to inclusion by training and hiring from the local communities, with a focus on underprivileged and underrepresented groups.

Working with the global LQ community

We are grateful to work with such an incredible community of hosts who help to open up new perspectives for leaders in all walks of life. 

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